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The Baconing Debut Trailer….ummmm Bacon.

It seems that as of late there has been great interest in new and exciting video game trailers. And why not? Who doesn’t like new and exciting video game trailers? Thats right, we all do. Well, all of us except for that one guy over there in the corner, he wants us to put up […]

Wonderpod Video Game podcast Highlight reel

Welcome to another episode of the Wonderpod Video game highlight reel. This time around its another episode from the past as we discussed the launch of the  iPad and what we thought about it. Now that the iPad 2 is out, it is interesting to see what we thought of the original launch. As always […]

Ritalin Comics: That Movie – Part Five (Conclusion)

The Mystery is solved!  … Or, Is It?

Ritalin Comics – That Movie: Part One

Oh no!  James has to submit his TPS Report by the end of the day, or he will get a stern talking-to from one of his supervisors!  But, his Stapler is not where he thought he left it!  Whatever will he do!

WrestleMania 27

-Ladies and Gentlemen, here is BIG FUCKING WRUSSELMUNYA FOUR!!  This is the fourth year (third in a row) I have reviewed The Big One, and this year in particular, I haven’t been more hyped to watch the show.  Will it live up to my ridiculously high expectations?  WE SHALL SEE!!

Casual Games About E3

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday. Reality, among other things decided to make an appearance. By the time I was able to free myself up, I had nothing on my mind that was desperate to be on a page. Maybe next time I will just start writing and see what happens. That is how […]

Raging Ranger

Oh boy it is an angry morning here in the McGee compound. At one time in the not to distant past I would of just exploded with rage all over the page. These days I just suck it down and write about shit that matters to no one, yet it entertains me and that is […]