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Steamed! – Jamestown

Jamestown Current selling price: $9.99 Normally I hate bullet hell titles. The idea that all oldschool shmups operated on the principle of having a ridiculous amount of bullets on the screen at once is stupid, inaccurate, and has been done to death. This one has a few nice twists, however. Firstly, it’s an alternative history […]

Official News Bulletin: The Glaserton-Snorigim Transcontinental Railroad has been completed.

Late this evening in the small land of Serverville a milestone has been reached in the development of our world.  The ongoing Transcontinental Railroad project has finally been completed.  The enormous project took upwards of 2 weeks to complete, which is equivalent to around 200 Minecraftonian days for you non block heads out there.  A […]

Minecraft Diary Episode 2

Welcome to the second episode of the minecraft diary. When we last left our poor hero he was in a mushroom induced haze, hiding in a squalid cave. Really no different what a lot of hippies experienced at Woodstock. Join him this week to see how his adventure is going.