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Wonderpod Episode 285

We are back to a full team on Wonderpod. This week we really go off the normal page. We say that a lot but this show might go straight to the twilight zone. We had a ton of fun recording it. We hope you enjoy listening. Have a great weekend

Wonderpod Episode 281

This week on Wonderpod. Poor Glasenator was out with a bad case of the flu. A hazard of the winter season. This means it’s another daring duo episode. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend people!

Wonderpod Episode 200

Wonderpod has reached episode 200. We did something new and went all the way live. Normally we sit in a quiet Skype call and record. This show was all over the place. A little normal and a lot of nostalgia. The crew feels good reaching this mark. Warning the audio goes a little crazy from […]

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (trailer)

On Friday here in North America the new installment of Donkey Kong Country will be released. The game is set to launch on the Wii U and I have to say it looks great. What appealed to me even more was the music. Which is interesting given how little I normally pay attention to game […]

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Game Play)

We talked about this game a few times on the podcast. So when the trailer popped up on Destructoid I gave it a watch. There is nothing in this trailer that screams play our game. Then again, this is the first of many trailers I am sure. So I will withhold any concrete judgement until […]

Dead Island Riptide Trailer

The first Dead Island game had some good moments. Unfortunately it could of used a lot more polish and variety. Let me put it this way. It was an open world game that I never felt compelled or encouraged to explore. Seeing this CGI trailer for Dead Island Riptide doesn’t really get me excited for […]

Spartacus Legends – Free to Play

While wondering around YouTube this morning I came across this trailer from Ubisoft. Looks like Microsoft is going to give free to play games a real shot. From what I have read about the game there will be things to purchase, but you can’t buy your way to winning. I am slightly skeptical about that […]

The Last Of Us E3

In our continuing effort to cherry pick the best trailers from E3 here’s one for The Last of Us. It is a Sony exclusive and a reason for me to finally buy a PS3. I know I have said that before, but this time I might be serious. As you can tell I am running […]

SimCity Announce Trailer

I love the SimCity Franchise. Sure it has had it’s up’s and downs. It has been over shadowed by it’s cousin The Sims, but it’s the Maxxis franchise that started it all. This trailer just gives us a glimpse, but it has me wanting  to see more. So are you looking forward to building cities […]

PatMan Picks N64 Favorites. Banjo-Kazooie

Super Mario 64 was a revolutionary and amazing launch title on the N64. It was like nothing else I had ever played. It set the bar very high for all other 3D platform games that came after it and honestly, many future titles would not match it in terms of game play or fun. Banjo Kazooie may […]