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Wonderpod Episode 267

Time for another new Wonderpod. We love doing the live shows, but the recorded versions always feel more laid back. Which makes for a different feel with each kind of show. Keeps things fresh and makes it fun. Enjoy the show guys!

Wonderpod Episode 266

This week Wonderpod was live on Twitch. We always enjoy streaming the show live in front of an audience. If you missed the stream never fear. The normal audio episode is here for your enjoyment. Have a great weekend!

Discount Bin Reviews: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (DVD)

As a boy growing up in the mid-1980’s, the prospect of a live action Transformers movie would probably have made my head explode. Sure, there was the animated feature Transformers: The Movie, and while entertaining it was more like an extended episode that served to introduce a new slate of characters for the TV series […]