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Wurm Unlimited: Rambling Tour

I am going to try something old and make it new again. There is an opening line for the ages. Making it worse, your going to have to watch the video to figure out what I am talking about. Let me give you a little guide to help out. If you want to see my […]

Zombie Apocalypse Part 2 (LFT minecraft server)

Time for the second and final installment of the Zombie night on the LFT server. In this video we learn that zombies aren’t the only dicks wandering the darkened streets of Glaserton. I will apologize in advance for not capturing the actual troll attack very well. Kind of hard when idiot douche puppets are trying […]

Wonderpod Episode 107

This week on Wonderpod. Most of the crew has returned from the hinter lands for this weeks show. We gave Glasenator the week off and a medal of freedom. Gunsage filled his slot in the show and as you might guess we talked video games. On a related note Skype needs to really stop hanging […]

Words That Need to Die

There are a lot of words used on the internet. Which makes sense as man can not live on cat pictures alone. No matter what the average reddit user might say to the contrary. Yet there are quite a few abused and misused words out there. Some of them need to die in a fire […]

Wonderpod Episode 85

The celestial calender tells me it’s Friday. That means it is time for another episode of Wonderpod. This weeks show is the brain child of our very own Jon, along with special guest the traveling G brothers. We got a great show all ready for you to listen to. So go, click the thing and […]