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Wonderpod Episode 236(Year End)

The final Wonderpod of 2014. It has been a great year for the show and we had a lot of fun. This week we do a year in review chat. If you listened to the show this year, thank you from all of us. We will be back early in 2015. Until then have a […]

Wonderpod Episode 217

Wonderpod is back to a three man crew. Roger the master of all things virtual boy, joins the cast for this episode. We had an issue with Skype which crashed hard at the end of the show. So just a small solo close to end things. We are doing a live show next week. You […]

Wonderpod Episode 175

Wonderpod is ready, willing and able. We got a good mix of topics and discussions this week. A well rounded show with all three casts members present and accounted for. Good thing, given the surprises and shocking revelations we plan to unleash before October. Spoilers: One of us is pregnant. It is possible I have […]

Final Fantasy 3

General Overview Join the magical adventures of Loonie, Arg, Reefer, and Dingus as they travel the land in their retarded quest to consistently annoy oldschool RPGers. What’s that? That’s not their actual names? It doesn’t fucking matter; this game is awful.

Wonderpod 106

Welcome all to an exciting new episode of Wonderpod! Exciting how? Because I said so! Tune in to hear things like…

Wonderpod Episode 72

Wonderpod has a new look for this week. Glasenator has decided to risk life and limb at Amusement parks across the country. So we talked the wonderful Jonkind into filling in this week. We still talk about video games, along with lack of pants and virtual porn. So just another week in the life of […]

Retropod – Episode 2

Hold onto your shit, it’s another episode of Retropod! …You didn’t hold on very hard, did you? Well that’s okay…I guess I’ll just hold my nose while I write the rest of this. Anyway! Click onward for awesome awesomeness!