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PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. VR Mission ( Free Only Today)

What is going on people? I am back and have another cool , free iPhone game for you to download!  Only this time, you better be quick about it. It is a 24 hour only free giveaway, and the clock has been running for a while now! The game is called  “VR Mission” , a 2D action/ […]

PatMan Plays: Kinect Sports Season 2.

 Welcome, it is  time again for another “shaky cam” PatMan plays video, this time Kinect style! Watch as I mess a round with Kinect Sports Season 2. I have not owned the game for very long however I am enjoying it very much. The game made it all they way to number 7 on my 10 most favorite games of 2011 […]

The Baconing Debut Trailer….ummmm Bacon.

It seems that as of late there has been great interest in new and exciting video game trailers. And why not? Who doesn’t like new and exciting video game trailers? Thats right, we all do. Well, all of us except for that one guy over there in the corner, he wants us to put up […]

“To Whom It May Concern:” Wii 2 coming in 2012! But, do we need it?

A few days ago, I posted some pics of what ” looked” to be a conference held by the big N to developers concerning the successor to the highly successful Wii, code named project Cafe. The jury is still out on if those pics are legit or just another elaborate internet hoax, but you can […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel.

Welcome once again to another Wonderpod video game podcast highlight reel. This episode, we go back in time as we revisit an episode recorded nearly a year ago where one topic of discussion was Xbox live Gold and if we think its a good value. You can find all past episodes of the show on […]