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Smackdown 01/25/13: Dat Rumble Go Away Show

No need for some long drawn out intro to this review. This Sunday is the Royal Rumble, and everything of significance is well established. This episode should serve to do little else to maintain a holding pattern and replay all the build from previous episodes of RAW. But, hey, you never know. I might be […]

Smackdown 01/04/13

The Muppets episode in which Chewie is granted the powers of invisibility. What could it mean? Why is Chewie even here? How could this be the first Smackdown of 2013? Is there a monkey behind me eating alphabet soup? What is his motive? All this and so much more! Join me, shall you, on this […]

Bored Wrestling Fan Podcast: Survivor Series Discussion

Being the author of this article, it comes as no surprise I am involved. Yep, WPO crew… it’s another one of those podcast things, this one talking wrestling. There’s also a super special announcement for the site somewhere within the recording. Just like the nWo had the Wolfpac (they were terrible at spelling in the […]

Power Poll: 1/9/11… Still Animated, still Giffy…

Another week. But this is the first week of the New Year, and let’s see how things round out to kick off 2011. Hopefully, we’ll be able to compare this next year to the rankings to start off 2012… but until then: