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Wonderpod Episode 288

Here we go again. Another episode of Wonderpod is out in the wild. As always we yammer at each other about topics. Some of them are even timely. Thrown in a dash of speculation and lots of terrible jokes. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 262

Got a brand new Wonderpod, hot off the drive. Next couple shows will be daring duo episodes. Both of us were tired and just chugging along. We promise to be at least more awake next week. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.

Rain Bull Crafting

I live in California, a few hours north of San Francisco. I mention this because when people think California, they think lots of sunshine. I wish someone would tell mother nature that little fact. We are experiencing rain in mid May. It really makes it hard to operate my sheep fondling business. I mean nobody […]