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Combat Wombat Attacks!: Lost Shores GW2

So yesterday I introduced you all to the Combat Wombat Guild and they are a great bunch of folks just like the WPO crew. Today I am going to show you some of the antics I get up to with them in Guild Wars 2. A great use of the screen shots I have and […]

Why I’m Hopping Mad

I’m veering off topic a little tonight. Usually I talk MMA or wrestling, but tonight I’m going to rant a little bit of what’s on my mind. I hope you all enjoy. I have thousands of reasons to celebrate. It’s my daughter’s second birthday. (Love you, Baby Girl!) Father’s Day is a week away. We’re […]

Time For Another Wonderpod Podcast Highlight Reel.

What is going on people? PatMan here with yet another Wonderpod video highlight reel from our recording past. Episode 15 to be exact. I know some of our latest friends are new to the website and also to our Wonderpod Facebook page,  so why not take a look at a short highlight video reel from […]

Wonderpod Video Game podcast Highlight reel

Welcome to another episode of the Wonderpod Video game highlight reel. This time around its another episode from the past as we discussed the launch of the  iPad and what we thought about it. Now that the iPad 2 is out, it is interesting to see what we thought of the original launch. As always […]

PatMan Plays 3DS : More AR Photos !

Another weekend is upon us, and  for many its a  much deserved long weekend. I personally have 4 days off to relax and play games, heck  if I have to I may even enjoy some time with the family!  I have been away from the internet for the last few days, save an occasional facebook […]

“Who Really Deserves the WWE Hall of Fame?” – J. Ruff

Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues! In a tradition that has become one that accompanies WrestleMania weekend where ever the WWE takes the event, the Hall of Fame celebrates the accomplishments of legends of the ring. Like most HOF’s, there are different wings for induction. In the case of the WWE, they have a celebrity […]

Monday Back From Hell 2

Oh boy, it is another Monday morning. I have been up an hour or so and my brain has yet to start functioning. Which is hilarious when you consider I just answered a bunch of group column questions not ten minutes ago. I hope my brains auto pilot is in a good working condition. My […]

Year Of The Donkey Punch

2011 is starting to look a lot like 2010. This would not be a good thing for me and in some ways is going to affect you. The hard working crew at Wonderpod got a podcast recorded. This is a vast improvement over last weeks disaster. The recording is suffering from some major issues and […]

Epic Fail

Normally I write this aware winning post in the morning. I suck down a cup of black as night coffee and write. I have been assured that this post is read by millions. Today’s post is going to be a departure from that format. I am writing this after a very bad day, the only […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel- Episode 3

It is Thursday. That means that as you are reading this we here around Wonderpod-online are deep into a recording of our newest podcast, Wonderpod 50. Its going to be out on the Weekend for all to download and enjoy, but for now lets go back in the Wonderpod time machine, back to one of […]