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Wonderpod Episode 212

What started out at as a normal show, Whic then turned into a two man adventure. Glasenator got lost in the wilderness somewhere in eastern Canada. So just Jon and I phoned the RCMP and then did a show. For those of you who like games we’ve been playing, its back in the mix. Plus […]

Wonderpod Episode 130

This week on Wonderpod. Chris is back for more. Can last weeks adventures with him be topped? Not sure, but we sure tried. Between fart jokes and speculating about Swedes we talked about video games. Give it a listen there is something for everyone.

Windows 8 Doom and Gloom

By now you may have heard that some game developers are freaking out over the soon to be released Windows 8. If you haven’t, go here for to get general idea of the concerns. We have already talked about this once or twice briefly on Wonderpod. I still felt I like there was more to […]