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PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !PatMan Jr. Plays. Kinect Fun Labs !

 With the birth of PatMan Jr,  PatMan has been a little on the busy side as of late. This means little time for podcasting or posting articles and videos for you people, the  fine Wpod viewers. However today I have an epic post as PatMan Jr is transformed into his FIRST starring roll in a video game, […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games. MechWarrior 2

Aside from occasionally going to a friends house to check out a new title now and then, I used to play the majority of my PC games alone. And to be honest, I liked it that way. Some of my friends, including my very own brother, didn’t enjoy playing video games as much as I did […]

PatMan Picks Retro PC Games. Parsec on the Ti994a.

Thus far, I have been basically picking PC games from 486 and Pentium PCs which I  personally and loosely like to call the DOS era or “golden age” of PC games. The truth is, I had been enjoying video games as a child on personal home computers well before then. So, this time around, its an […]

PatMan Picks- Stampede Wrestling Favorite Matches. Part 1.

Welcome to what may, or may not, become a semi regular feature here at wPo. As you all should know by now both Audio Master G and my self have grown up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of Stampede Wrestling. In our popular  1 time podcast, ” two man reviews, Stampede Wrestling”  we talked […]

Totally revealing & captivating first trailer for CODMW3 is out now! OMG.

In what can ONLY be described as my greatest find ever on the internet of all time, I have witnessed the amazingly detailed, first ever,  totally revealing trailer for Call Of Duty MW3.   Prepare to be bedazzled with visual info on the next big thing from IW, right here, right now!   Ok, seriously, […]

PatMan Plays – More Halo Reach With The Wonderpod Crew.

Welcome, once again, to another PatMan plays.This time around I will share with you another Halo Reach “Team Wonderpod” video that I made a while back. If you are one of our friends on facebook, you may have seen it a little while ago there. If your not one of our friends on facebook, send […]

Kinect living statues talk about!

As those of you who listen to our podcast know, I am a pretty big fan of Kinect.  Amazingly, by some mysteriously magical and mystical turn of events, the living statues that  I unlocked while playing Kinect Adventures have really come to life with personalities and opinions of their very own, as already seen in […]

PatMan Plays. Episode 1- Kinect Sports !

Welcome to the first ever “PatMan Plays” on our brand new website, Wonderpodonline.  I am PatMan and , as those of you who listen to our podcast know, I tend to play videogames.  “PatMan Plays” is where you will see and read what I play. I might be playing Halo reach online with listeners of the […]