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PatMan Picks N64 Favorites: StarFox 64.

We gamers sure are spoiled these days. The visuals, sounds and online functionality in our modern games have us at a point where we might not even remember how special it was back when something really different or never before experienced appeared in a title. Star Fox 64 was one revolutionary home video game that […]

PatMan Picks- Stampede Wrestling Favorite Matches. Part 1.

Welcome to what may, or may not, become a semi regular feature here at wPo. As you all should know by now both Audio Master G and my self have grown up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The home of Stampede Wrestling. In our popular  1 time podcast, ” two man reviews, Stampede Wrestling”  we talked […]

PatMan Plays: Outland. Initial Impressions.

What is going on people? A few days ago on Wonderpod Video Game Podcast ep. 64, I discussed playing a little XBLA title by the name of Outland. I encouraged everyone to, at the very least ,download the demo on either the PSN or XBLA. If your into classic side scrolling 2D platform games of […]

Will Nintendo announce next console at E3?

The internet is abuzz with stories about Nintendo announcing a new console, call it the Wii 2 if you want, just a few months away at this years E3.  Big name Video game blogs and websites are posting about this and Game Informer has all but called it a fact, stating some ” very good […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel.

Welcome once again to another Wonderpod video game podcast highlight reel. This episode, we go back in time as we revisit an episode recorded nearly a year ago where one topic of discussion was Xbox live Gold and if we think its a good value. You can find all past episodes of the show on […]