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Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA has been an interesting series that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for many years. For many, when they say GTA, they’re referring to GTA3, 4, or possibly something along the line of San Andreas or Vice City. To avoid any confusion, I’m looking at the series as a whole and dishing out what […]

Wonderpod Episode 168

This week on Wonderpod. Another two man show. Don’t ask us how losing one man equals a longer show. All we can hope is the damn thing is entertaining. A little video games and a little movies this week. Give it a listen and feel free to leave us a wee comment.

Wonderpod Episode 141 (year end)

This week is the final Wonderpod of 2012. It appears there will be more next year. As the planet is still in one piece as of this writing. The crew has had a blast this year and the wrap up show puts a neat bow on everything. We would like to the thank the fine […]

Wonderpod Episode 133

This weeks Wonderpod is full of tricks and treats. Okay so mostly tricks, but we had the closest thing to zombie we could find. Namely glasenator on almost no sleep. On top of that we discussed Halloween and scary stuff. Oh yeah and of course those darn old video games

Sleeping Dogs

General Overview Imagine if you had a game that combined elements of Saints Row, True Crime, Batman Arkham Asylum, Max Payne, and Assassin’s Creed. Imagine if that same game was a sprawling action RPG hybrid being fronted by Square Enix. Sounds too good to be true, right? Strangely enough, Sleeping Dogs seems to combine all […]

Review MMOs Differently?

I was reading this interview with Star Trek Online executive producer Dan Stahl and Perfect World Entertainment vice president of business development and corporate communications John Young. Most of it was typical industry talk of managing an MMO, but Dan Stahl made one comment that really got me thinking. Should MMO’s be reviewed differently than […]

Lego City Undercover Trailer

I loved what I saw of Lego City Undercover at E3. It was a game that made me far more interested in the Wii U than I was before E3. Of course, there is the chance the game itself won’t be as good as the trailers. Let’s hope that is not true with this game. […]

Minecraft Multiplayer Episode 1

Hey guys it has been a while since I produced a minecraft video. Figured I might as well throw one up and see what happens. This one was shot on the multiplayer server Glasenator and I play on. The potential for videos on that server is mind boggling. So I expect there will be more […]

Risen 2 – Dark Waters

General Overview Is it a pirate’s life for ye? If so, ye needn’t look much further than this one. Sure, it’s got graphical glitches, the controls could be better, the voice acting is just okay, the animations are wonky at best, and the game gets borderline offensive with some stuff, but that aside it’s easily […]

Skyrim Dating Profile

I need to give you guys a little set up on this post.  I wrote this after playing Skyrim until my brain fell out my ear.  It was one of those pieces that just seemed silly so I promptly forgot about it. Until this morning when I found it while tidying up one of my […]