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Wonderpod Episode 284

Time for a two man Wonderpod. We wander over a bunch of topics with one blending into the next. We recognize that has been a trend lately. They are just so much fun to do this way. Until we hear complaints there is no reason for us to stop. So enjoy the show and have […]

Minecraft Plus

I have a keyboard and the ability to type words in sentence format. Everything appears to be in place to write a nice update. Oh wait, something still seems to be missing? Oh right any motivation or feelings of creativity. While not feeling creative or any desire to write is a lame excuse. It is […]

McGee’s Landing (MMO Myths)

The MMORPG genre has become a significant part of modern gaming. The popularity of World of Warcraft has a lot to do with that. There are however, a lot of myths surrounding the genre and I felt it was time to sit down and tackle some of them. As with anything there will be people […]

All New Dead Island -Tragedy Hits Paradise Trailer

Ok, I will be the first to admit it. Zombies are the most over used creatures in video games as of late. They are in DLC packs where they don’t belong just because Zombies are the latest cool thing we want to shoot on out TV. Zombies pop up in games that make no sense […]