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Wonderpod Episode 277

Wonderpod is back at it. This week we are at full capacity cast wise. It is so nice to have the whole crew back together. A nice mix of topics and discussions in this episode. Enjoy the show and a have a great weekend.

Wonderpod Episode 235

Time for the second to last Wonderpod of 2014. We recorded this live on mixlr. We will also do next weeks year end show live. For now give this episode a listen and have a great weekend.

BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 71

Welcome to another edition of Cock Talk, or as RYTMAN likes to call it, “THINK ABOUT THE CONVERSATION YOU’RE HAVING RIGHT NOW!” Joe, Jorge, G, and JT are joined once again this week by Brian Muller.  We talk about the NHL Playoffs, the NFL Draft, and of course, all of the great wrestling shows you’ll […]

Wonderpod Epsiode 155

We are back to a full house this week on Wonderpod. Topic wise we are literally all over the place. In other words there is a little something for everyone. Including a one time of year topic that strays far from our usual realm. Be interesting to see how this show goes over as it […]

Take-Two/WWE (follow up)

A couple weeks back the crew on Wonderpod covered the THQ bankruptcy sale. When it came to the WWE franchise license we weren’t entirely convinced of what we had read. It seemed like Take Two had gotten control of the franchise, but it wasn’t clear enough then. Well fans of WWE games worry no more. […]

BWF Interview: Jerry Lynn

The following comes to us from our good friends at Bored Wrestling Fan – G It’s an interview everybody on the BoredWrestlingFan staff wanted to participate in, but one man actually got to do it.  This past Thursday, the great Jerry Lynn took time out of his day to speak with our own Justin Ruff […]

BWF Radio Episode 19BWF Radio Episode 19BWF Radio Episode 19

This week, ThinkSoJoE, G, and JT discuss RAW, SmackDown and Impact. They discuss the slight rise and sudden downfall of TNA Wrestling, how ridiculous it is that Eric Bischoff isn’t allowed to use his own name, and the lack of a draw for TNA’s latest Pay Per View. Worked shoots are all the rage this […]

One Year is in the Books…

G: That’s right folks. Today we celebrate our official one year anniversary of existing as Our first article went up one year at precisely the same time this little tribute goes up. It was an Impact Wrestling review by yours truly, of all things. On behalf of all involved, I’d like to thank all […]

PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. Bret Hart vs Animal Hamaguchi

Welcome back to another trip in the Stampede time machine, were we will yet again look back at some classic old school wrestling from some of the legends of the past. This time around , young Bret Hart who is very early in his career gets involved in yet another great inter promotional wrestling match that Stampede was […]

Late Edition- Impact Wrestling Review- Where addicts get title shots in less than a year.

What am I saying its the wrestling business. Everyone gets second or third chances in this business just ask Jake the Snake Roberts. But that is later on in the show. We open with a Roode promo detailing his family struggles with his shady dealings that won him the title. (Obviously they must have been […]