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Wonderpod Episode 121

Wonderpod is back in full volume this week. Recording one show using less than stellar equipment, makes you really appreciate a good microphone. This is also one of those episodes with a theme of sorts. When this happens I can assure you it is never planned. If nothing else this weeks show should be much […]

Wonderpod Episode 112

This weeks Wonderpod is a day late due to random acts of the cable company. That said this show was a nice laid back affair. It’s a lot of what we’ve been playing with a pinch of pre E3 discussion. It’s one of those shows that was kind of thrown together and works really well […]

Biff Zongo: Wishes for a Better World

Fredrik: This is basically me. Every time I try to write something serious, it turns to hookers and heroin after the three first lines. It’s a disorder.

Gears Love In

I have zero time for writing this morning. I am on my way to the next town over to research the breeding process of mini mutant turtles. No word on whether they are also ninjas. I will be packing pizzas just in case. While I do that you guys can watch the guys behind Gears […]

Oh Yeah (WWE All Stars)

In honor of our week of wrestling goodness, I am going to be lazy.  By putting a video up this morning instead of writing something.  WWE All Stars came out on the 29th and I am thinking about buying it. The chance to have some of my favorite wrestlers from the old days in a […]

Adventure Game of the Year – 1997

There are 13 games this year. Honestly, this was a pretty damn good year as it has some of my favorite adventure titles available. Let’s go!