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Nights Into Dreams

I happen to see this link being thrown around on twitter. For all you Sega fans this should get your interest. As many of you know I did not grow up on a console. So this game has no nostalgic pull for me. I am aware of the Nights character from playing Sonic All Star Racing, but […]

Wonderpod Episode 108

This weeks Wonderpod was a challenge. I am pretty convinced at this point,  that Skype has been possessed by bloody demons. Which dovetails nicely with the ones inside my body at the moment. We carried on as a group and got you a show about video games. We did not talk about Black Ops 2 […]

Wonderpod Episode 102

Wonderpod is now two years old. Essentially, that means nothing short of a cease and desist or restraining order will stop us now. This week the regular crew returns to action. Glasenator is now a roving podcaster and I find that awesome. Other than that new feature the show is pretty much back to form.

Wonderpod Episode 76

This weeks Wonderpod was a little rough. Glasenator had just returned to college and so the big bad Internet was slapping him around. So we went from three down to two for most of the show. There was nothing Glasenator could do about it and we understand that totally. That did not keep Pat and […]

Carmageddon Is Back Baby!!

Man I loved the original Carmageddon back in the day. I never played the second one as I could of cared less about it. I was still to busy running old ladies down in the first one.  While I am not sure calling this a racing game is entriely appropriate, there is racing involved.  According […]

Renegade Ops

Looks like the folks at Sega have a new game coming to the XBLA, PSN. I am digging this little game already for one reason. I get a real Spy Hunter vibe off the trailer. Does that mean the game is going to be great? Who knows for sure, but it is one worth keeping […]

New Gotham City shooter, where you play as Batman wannabes? Gotham City Impostors.

Monolith Productions has announced a new Gotham City game where, apparently, you can not be Batman nor the Joker. No, I am not kidding, you cant be either of those characters, because who would want to do that when you can be some random Batman obsessed lesser cool, copy-cat vigilantly instead?  Basically you can play […]

New Battlefield 3 Trailer Looks Impressive.

Its friday and the weekend is upon us, so why not take a moment and check out the latest trailer for Battlefield 3? I have to admit the game looks gorgeous, even if thats probably high end PC footage we are looking at.  The trailer teases some of DICE’s famous destructible environments ,which really set […]

Wonderpod Highlight Reel.

Welcome once again to another Wonderpod video game podcast highlight reel. This episode, we go back in time as we revisit an episode recorded nearly a year ago where one topic of discussion was Xbox live Gold and if we think its a good value. You can find all past episodes of the show on […]