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Wonderpod Episode 245

This week on Wonderpod. Do you all remember Seinfeld? If so, this episode is right up your alley. The crew really enjoy’s doing shows like this. Almost no notes or stories before hand and off we go for a little over ninety minutes. Hope you enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

PatMan Plays Volgarr The Viking.

Do you remember the days of playing classic 16 bit side scrolling hack and slash games? Do you remember just how bloody hard they were? Well prepare to re-experience the fun and the frustration that only a game like that can deliver, only this time on Xbox One. Volgarr The Viking is a fun yet […]

Why I hate DLC: A Response

First off if you haven’t read it yet, this is a response to Bruce’s morning post on DLC, go read it. Allright let me get this straight here.  There’s a lot of things I hate about video games and there’s a lot of things that I love.  One of those things that I absolutely hate […]