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Candy-Cane Killer Instinct Season 2. PatMan Plays.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. I have been pretty busy with all the Christmas activities that come with the season. However, I did get to play a bit of KI season 2 and check out the holiday costumes.There are a few characters with Christmas themed costumes, however, the only one of interest was […]

PatMan Plays Killer Instinct 2 Arcade.

KI season 2 is upon us and although many of the best fighters in the franchise were released in season 1, there is still good reason to check it out. Not only is there the return of TJ Combo and Maya , but if you chose the “ultra edition”, you will get the classic KI2 […]

PatMan Plays Ryse Son Of Rome.

  What IS going on people? PatMan is back with another Xbox One game-play video. This time I am playing the early levels of Ryse Son Of Rome. This game had a bad development history as it originally started off as a Kintect 1.0 title for the 360. It was then canned and moved to […]

PatMan Plays Kinect Sports Rivals Demo

  When I first played the wave race inspired demo for Kinect Sports Rivals I was pretty skeptical. As a beta tester of the original Kinect , I knew all to well that racing games using motion control neither work well, nor feel fun to play. ¬†And the first time I played this demo I […]