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Wonderpod Episode 249

This week on Wonderpod. Almost two hundred and fifty shows in the books. We are quite possibly the worst podcast at celebrating milestones. So there is no telling what will happen next week. For now we have a a great episode for you. Give it a listen and have a great weekend!

Wonderpod Episode 243

Wonderpod rolls out a new episode. Last week we went a little on the strange side. So this show is much more normal when compared to that. More gaming talk this week with some other topics mixed in. We won’t have a live show this month. We will make sure we have at least one […]

Wonderpod Episode 184

This week on Wonderpod. The three amigos reunite to bring you another show. We talk a little gaming and a little TV. Throw in a little business talk and you make an episode. Oh yeah and there was a console launch. Next week we may find out where it landed.

Wonderpod Episode 167

Time for another installment of Wonderpod. We ended up down a man for this episode. So we went with more of a “chat” format. I am pretty sure it was an awesome chat, but not really sure it was a format. I think the banner above says it all really.

Wonderpod Episode 166

This week on Wonderpod. The crew gathered together on a Friday evening and ninety minutes or so later a show was recorded. It is really difficult to think of a clever intro that somehow ties in to this specific episode. In other words we kind of wandered all over the place. Should be an entertaining […]

Steamed! – The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac Current selling price: $4.99 Initially I wasn’t sure what to think about this one. Now…well, I’m not sure what to say. As a game, it’s really damn good. It’s a Zelda-esque rogue-like that has all kinds of fantastic elements and a steep ass difficulty. However, it’s also incredibly fucking disturbing and […]

Wonderpod Episode 104

How would you like a nice new Wonderpod for your long Easter weekend? We got a new one right here for you all. We are back to full steam this week and the show might even have theme. Mind you it’s a semi serious theme, but still fun. It’s the perfect companion for hunting Easter […]

Wonderpod Episode 102

Wonderpod is now two years old. Essentially, that means nothing short of a cease and desist or restraining order will stop us now. This week the regular crew returns to action. Glasenator is now a roving podcaster and I find that awesome. Other than that new feature the show is pretty much back to form.

Wonderpod Online’s Top 50 Games: 20 – 16

SRD here. And once again, I’ve rounded up all our friends from Wonderpod, TCR Comix and Nintendo Legend for another round of our Top 50 Games of All Time. OMG! We’re in the TEENS! We got some interesting entries this week. Check us out, why don’t you? We’re almost to the end… 20. Mega Man […]

Wonderpod Extra Cut (story)

Audiomaster G asked a very interesting question during the last podcast. I suggest you go and listen to the show and hear it for yourself. In case your to lazy to do that let me lay it out for you. Basically we were given a list of games that one person felt didn’t need a […]