B and K In: The Forest

This was going to be another second look video. Like the one I did on ArcheAge. What it turned into was five lame jokes and some death. There might be a proper second look coming later. Enjoy the video guys!


Wonderpod Episode 247

Wonderpod was recorded live this week. Well most of it was recorded. We talked a little about games and a little about movies. Always a good mix. Alcohol might of played a factor as well. Have a great weekend people!
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McGee In: Vanilla Minecraft EP2

I had a lot of fun renovating the village in Minecraft for last week’s video. So I found three or four old projects that I can bring to the same map. The plan at this point is to update my adventures once a week. How long I maintain interest is anyone’s guess. Enjoy the video!

Second Look: ArcheAge

I have talked a lot lately about second chances when it comes to video games. It was with that in mind that I installed Archeage for a second time. I cover what I like and don’t like in the video. So no sense repeating myself here in text. Enjoy the video and feel free to leave a comment.


Wonderpod Episode 246

Time for Wonderpod. Brand new show with a lot of everything. How is that even possible? My brain might be a little tired tonight. We talk life and gaming. There that sounds better. Live show next week, details at the end of the episode.
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McGee In Minecraft: Vanilla Village

I have played Minecraft for years. One thing I never got around to doing was fixing a vanilla village. I have worked in and around them plenty of times. Never having taken one from its original state and made it look better. Better being subjective of course. The video shows the different stages of the project. the last stage being what the village currently looks like. I had enough fun doing it, that I will continue the project and see what happens.


Wonderpod Episode 245

This week on Wonderpod. Do you all remember Seinfeld? If so, this episode is right up your alley. The crew really enjoy’s doing shows like this. Almost no notes or stories before hand and off we go for a little over ninety minutes. Hope you enjoy the show and have a great weekend!
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Wonderpod Episode 244

The Wonderpod crew is back. We got an all new episode for you. Some news out of GDC and some general chat. A good way to get back in the groove. Making sure we get this out there now. We will for sure do a live show this month, maybe two. Enjoy the show guys!
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Best of Wonderpod Five

Time for a best of Wonderpod. The cast was super busy this week as happens at times. So it’s a rerun. Took most of these from older shows, so it is worth a listen. We will be back with a brand new show next week. Have a great weekend people!
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Wonderpod Episode 243

Wonderpod rolls out a new episode. Last week we went a little on the strange side. So this show is much more normal when compared to that. More gaming talk this week with some other topics mixed in. We won’t have a live show this month. We will make sure we have at least one next month.
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