PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Enter The Mercedes


What is going on, people? The final long weekend of summer is here, but for yours truly, I have an additional 2 weeks off to enjoy! So, naturally, I will be spending lots of time in the great outdoors as I make the most of what’s left of Summer around these parts.  That said, I will also have more time to enjoy videogames such as the great Mario Kart 8 and the upcoming game Destiny. In case you missed it, Nintendo released plans for some very nice sounding and reasonably affordable DLC for Mario Kart 8. But ,before that hits gamers eager WiiU’s , there is the FREE DLC sponsored by Mercedes. While to be honest this DLC is nothing in terms of scope compared to Nintendo’s upcoming DLC, the Mercedes cars are fun to drive and to my surprise, they  fit in nicely in the Mario universe. Don’t like or even want brand name cars in MK8? No problem, just follow these 2 easy steps.  1- Quit bitching and  2- don’t download it. It is THAT simple.  Check out PatMans Mii in a classic Mercedes below, and I will see you all on the flip side!


Wonderpod Episode 222

Wonderpod was recorded live this week. Always a fun time for the crew to have a live audience. Made covering the crap going on around gaming that much easier. We also announced a new feature the cast is involved in. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!
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McGee In WOW: Ten years Later

The World of Warcraft will turn ten years old in November. I would love to tell you the timing of my actions had everything to do with that fact. In reality, it was just an interesting coincidence. I have always struggled with this particular MMO from its launch until just very recently. The video covers a lot of my thoughts and feelings on the topic. I didn’t nail every point I wanted to, but I will talk more about it on Wonderpod episode 222.

B And K Play: Warface Part 2

Agent K and I are back with the second part of our Warface co-op adventure. We spent a decent chunk of this video fighting what we thought was a boss. Turns out we were dead wrong. Also the co-op missions have a time limit. Which is rather stupid and really serves no purpose in this setting. In fact I could of ended the video a couple minutes later and you could of heard us rage. If only we had been informed of the time limit before hand. Oh well, still lots of antics and hilarity. Enjoy it!

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8 : Luigi vs Mii !

What is going on people? I have ,once again, been enjoying the fun that Mario kart 8 has to offer. It will take a great game to stop me from returning to these Kart sessions. Will Destiny be that game? I will find out in a few weeks. This weekend however , it was an epic battle between my Mii & Luigi himself! I bring you 2 videos highlighting neck and neck finishes. Luigi “Death Stares” and finish line drama are to be seen here, so check out both vids below and I will see you all on the flip-side



Wonderpod Episode 221

Wonderpod is back to normal this week. The three regular cast members are in place. We are not messing with a video at the same time. Basically a regular podcast for you all. We will be doing a live show next Thursday. Until then enjoy this weeks show.
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B And K Play: Warface Part 1

A week or so back, Agent K and I played a few co-op missions in Warface. Which is a free to play online shooter from Crytek. This was attempt number 2 at this mission and it ended far better than the first attempt. Interesting game, but felt like it might be a little to pay to win in the competitive multiplayer. Enjoy my mad shooting skills people!

Maker McGee (camera rig)

The last couple winters I have been taking photos using what I have taken to calling camera traps. They are also known as trail or game cameras. Basically self contained cameras that run off batteries. They can take photos and videos depending on how you set them up. Each camera has different methods of taking capturing images so I have quite a bit of flexibility. It has been a lot of fun seeing what comes back on the memory cards. Problem is the animals got a little to interested in the cameras.
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Wonderpod EP 220 Video

Time for the video portion of Wonderpod Episode 220. I know trying this wrecked the audio podcast a bit. Warning it is a very long video, but you should be able to knock it out in a few sittings. For future videos they will be separate from the podcast itself. More on that in the weeks to come. Until then enjoy the video!


Wonderpod Episode 220

This week Wonderpod goes on a trip. A trip to minecraft town. What the hell does that mean exactly? The three of us play minecraft, while talking nerd news and such. We are hoping the video will be posted on Monday. Let us know what you think of the podcast recorded this way.
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