Wonderpod Episode 240

This week on Wonderpod. The crew finally wanders into a new level. Hey a gaming reference to denote something new, how clever. After talking about it a bunch we finally did an episode on music. Our personal music experiences. Most likely, we will do another one at some point later this year. Enjoy the show.
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Wonderpod Episode 239

Wonderpod is here and now comes with thirty percent more ranting. For those of you that don’t like ranting, never fear there is less angry topics too. Next week we will do the first live show of the year. Hope to see you there!
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Wonderpod Episode 238

Second Wonderpod of 2015. That means we are back in the grove right? I guess you’ll have to listen and find out. One thing is for sure. The crew is having an awesome time with it. We even talk award show nominations! Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!!
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Wonderpod Episode 237

The first Wonderpod of 2015. It feels good to have the show back on the road. We made some changes for the new year. Nothing major, mostly throwing the format completely out the window. We give you details during the episode. Enjoy the show and we will see you next week.
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Yoshi !

PatMan Picks. Amiibo!

What is going ON people. I am in early with the first post of 2015 on WPO ! I hope everyone had a good new years. So, I have a few of these new “Amiibo” figures. I purchased 3 on sale and was gifted another just last night. They are cool little figures that, of course, do more than just look good on your shelf. They have game specific unlocks when you scan them with the WiiU gamepad or the 3DS. So far only a few titles are using the Ammibo, but more are on the way. I think these things could become very addicting once a good number of titles support them. And even now, I have almost caught the bug. Check out a few picks I took of my Amiibo¬†and I will see you all on the Flip-side!

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Candy-Cane Killer Instinct Season 2. PatMan Plays.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. I have been pretty busy with all the Christmas activities that come with the season. However, I did get to play a bit of KI season 2 and check out the holiday costumes.There are a few characters with Christmas themed costumes, however, the only one of interest was of course Orchids sexy Candy cane outfit. Check it out below and I will see you all on the flip-side!

PatMan Plays More Halo 2 Anniversary.

The holidays are upon us and for many people that means time off for relaxation and games! Unfortunately, the opposite applies for me this time of year, however I did get to play a bit more of Halo 2 anniversary in the last week or so and as always, record some highlights. So, sit back for a short video of me playing this impressive remake of a 10 year old game and I will see you all on the flip-side!

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Yoshi Amiibo Costume Unlocked.

Another fun weekend is upon us and in between all the Christmas festivities I managed to pick up a few Amiibo. I bought 3 for $29.99 and at a price of 10 bucks each I am impressed with the quality of the little figures. Of course, there is more to the Amiibo than just the physical statues, they unlock goodies in certain WiiU and 3DS games. I unlocked new costumes in Mario Kart 8 using my 3 Amiibo. If I can pick up more of these collectable figures for only 10 bucks a pop, I will surly do it. Of course, Mario, Lugig and Link are hard to find at the Holidays. Go figure. Check out the Yoshi outfit my Mii is sporting in the video below and , as always, I will see you all on the flip-side!


Wonderpod Episode 236(Year End)

The final Wonderpod of 2014. It has been a great year for the show and we had a lot of fun. This week we do a year in review chat. If you listened to the show this year, thank you from all of us. We will be back early in 2015. Until then have a wonderful holiday season and will see you soon.
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Wonderpod Episode 235

Time for the second to last Wonderpod of 2014. We recorded this live on mixlr. We will also do next weeks year end show live. For now give this episode a listen and have a great weekend.
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