Wonderpod Episode 271

New week, new Wonderpod. On this episode we follow up on a few topic’s from previous episodes. Hopefully we didn’t wander into dead horse territory. You will have to listen and find out. Enjoy the show!
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Wonderpod Episode 270

Wonderpod did the live thing this week. We love doing the twitch shows and will do more in the future. We still got plenty on file to entertain the mp3 audience. Enjoy the show folks!
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Wonderpod Episode 269

Time for another Wonderpod. This week a mix of ranting with mad love for a new game. Almost a throw back episode. Next week we will be live on Twitch. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!
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Wonderpod Episode 268

Some weeks you just want to be silly. Which defines this episode of Wonderpod perfectly. We decide to play a game after a little serious business. Okay so as close to serious business as we ever get. Enjoy the show!
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PatMan Plays Grabbed By The Ghoulies. Rare Replay.

When you fire up Rare Replay and take a look at this game in motion, you might think it is running on the Xbox 360. But that is not the case. Grabbed By The Ghoulies is actually an original Xbox title that has stood the test of visual time, so to speak. The cell shaded art style still looks great today. It is a fun, lighthearted “survival horror” game in which you must escape a haunted mansion and find your girlfriend. Yeah, I know, the most generic sounding story ever right? But fortunately the game is fun so who cares. Controls are decent, and combat is actually not done with the buttons but rather with one of the sticks. This takes some getting used to, but I got the hang of it. The one thing that I don’t like is all the long load times. These are cleverly hidden with comic book style story moments, but they are noticeable none the less once you realize they are there to help distract you from the time its taking to load. Grabbed By The Ghoulies is a fun game that I will be coming back to play more of in the future. See you all on the Flip-Side!

PatMan Plays RC Pro AM 1&2. Rare Replay

I kind of cheat this week with my Rare Replay video. This time around I will be showing footage of both RC Pro Am and the successful follow up title RC Pro AM 2.I had almost forgotten that Rare made these fun racers back in the day. While both are great old school racing games, they really are too similar to justify separate videos, so I made one for them both.That and I am lazy. You will notice that my RC vehicles are all over the track. It appears that my racing skills have gone downhill over time. I still had lots of retro fun playing and I will no doubt return to these arcade style racers later. Did you know that Diddy Kong Racing on the N64 was, originally, planned to be a RC Pro AM game? Check out some game play of these titles below and I will see you all on the Flip-Side!


Wonderpod Episode 267

Time for another new Wonderpod. We love doing the live shows, but the recorded versions always feel more laid back. Which makes for a different feel with each kind of show. Keeps things fresh and makes it fun. Enjoy the show guys!
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B and K In: Exile Mod

This video requires a little history lesson. Arma 2 had a mod called DayZ. Which became a massive hit and spawned it’s own stand alone game. Other mods like Wasteland and Arma life kept the game relevant for a long time. Even today you can find modded Arma 2 servers still going strong. When Arma 3 launched the question became what would become the next DayZ. Could there even be another mod that comes close. I submit that Arma 3 may have that mod and it is called Exile. This video gives you a nice introduction to the mod and what we loved about it. Enjoy the video guys!

PatMan Plays Kameo Elements Of Power. Rare Replay

There is amazing value in Rare Replay. That is undeniable. But this really hits home when you play Kameo. For essentially one dollar, you know “30 games for 30 dollars”, you not only get the beautiful and colorful visuals of this Xbox 360 launch title, but you also have a great soundtrack as well. While it is true that the game does suffer from some game play repetition and some of the elements don’t control as well as they should, I really believe that Kameo is of one of Rares most underrated games. It is a shame that MS scrapped the sequel. But you never know, maybe one day we will get Kameo 2. For now however, check out some footage of Kameo Elements Of Power and, as usual, I will see you all on the Flip-side!

PatMan Plays Perfect Dark. Rare Replay

Another great title on Rare Replay is Perfect Dark. While there are 2 Perfect Dark games in this collection, it is this first N64 classic that is superior in almost every way. Perfect Dark is the Xbox Arcade version from only a few years ago, so the frame rate and visuals are a bit improved over the original N64 game. But make no mistake, the game play is still all there. Check out the first little bit of the game right here and I will see you all on the flip-side.

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