Wonderpod Episode 251

Wonderpod rolls on for another week. Glasenator had a prior commitment. So two man show activate! Mostly gaming with a little TV talk. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!
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McGee In: GTA 5 (five star mayhem)

I went for a little drive in free roam in Grand Theft Auto Five. Along the way I mysteriously gathered five stars. Seems the authorities just don’t understand Frank’s idea of fun. Enjoy the video guys!

B and K In: 7 Days To Die (part 2)

Here is the second part of our play through. I was still hungover and it shows. Basically Agent K started our fort while I told stories. This is the most hillbilly I have ever felt in video. We jump between games a lot. So part three is not guaranteed. I will do my best to drag K back at some point. Enjoy the video guys!


Wonderpod Episode 250

Time for episode two hundred and fifty. First off we had some technical issues with the call. Hopefully we got it cleaned up in editing. Personally it use to drive me nuts when this happened. These days we all realize shit happens some times. Enjoy the show and thank you for listening!
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McGee in: Modded Minecraft EP 5

Time for more Minecraft. I added some mods for this episode. I may flip back and forth for future episodes. Really all depends on what I am in the mood for. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee In: GTA V On PC (Impressions)

Time for my initial thoughts on GTA V for PC. This is the fastest turn around on a video for me. Pretty happy about that. I recorded this after playing for about three hours in solo mode. Enjoy the video guys!

B and K In: 7 Days To Die(Part 1)

So 7DTD got an update recently. They move the gamed from Unity 4 to Unity 5. So we gave it a play through to see how it looked. Part 2 will be up later on. One thing to note. I was really hung over during this video. I am pretty sure that shows. Enjoy the video guys!

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Still His Favorite Current Gen Game.

The more I play my Xbox One and my WiiU the more I realize that Mario Kart 8 is my favorite game that I have played, thus far, on the current gen systems. Sure, that might change with Halo 5 or maybe the new Zelda but for now, Mario Kart 8 crosses the finish line in first place. It does it all and does it so well. Mario Kart 8 looks amazing, sounds great and most of all plays fun ! Here is a highlight reel of my Mii on the F-Zero track, with Samus Amiibo racing gear, riding on the Zelda inspired Master Cycle. Yeah, that’s a Nintendo overload right there , and it is awesome. With the new DLC coming out in about a month and more Amiibo costumes to be had, I cant wait to see what comes next. Check out some footage below and I will see you all, “on the flipside”!


Wonderpod Episode 249

This week on Wonderpod. Almost two hundred and fifty shows in the books. We are quite possibly the worst podcast at celebrating milestones. So there is no telling what will happen next week. For now we have a a great episode for you. Give it a listen and have a great weekend!
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McGee In: Vanilla Minecraft EP4

A little different adventure this time in Minecraft. I did not have a ton of time to work on projects this week. So I jumped around and did a couple quick things. Mostly to set up a future episode. Minecraft may go on Hiatus starting next week. It will all depend on how much GTA5 grabs my attention. Enjoy the video!

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