Wonderpod Episode 284

Time for a two man Wonderpod. We wander over a bunch of topics with one blending into the next. We recognize that has been a trend lately. They are just so much fun to do this way. Until we hear complaints there is no reason for us to stop. So enjoy the show and have a great weekend.
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Wonderpod Episode 283

This week on Wonderpod. Every once in a while the internet decides to throw us a curve. This time Skype decided to stop working correctly. All in an effort to tell us it needed an update. Luckily it was a quick fix and we carried on. Enjoy the episode and have a great weekend.
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Wonderpod Episode 282

Here we go again. This week on Wonderpod we get a bit mechanical. By that we discuss concepts and theories behind current trends in gaming. An episode like this is a nice depature for us. So enjoy the show and let us know what you think. Have a great weekend people!
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Wonderpod Episode 281

This week on Wonderpod. Poor Glasenator was out with a bad case of the flu. A hazard of the winter season. This means it’s another daring duo episode. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend people!
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Wonderpod Episode 280

Time for the first Wonderpod of 2016. This is probably the easiest show we do all year. We had three weeks to prepare. That does help. We even dip back into last year for a certain movie. So enjoy the show and have a great weekend!
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Wonderpod Episode 279 (Year end)

The last Wonderpod of 2015. This show is a year in review mixed with a little current news. We really appreciate each and every one of you who listens. The crew will be back early in 2016. Until then enjoy the show and have a wonderful holiday season.
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Wonderpod Episode 278

Time for Wonderpod. This week we bat around topics we have touched on before. Even though this is not a year end show, it feels a bit like it. Next week will be the year end show. Until then enjoy the show and have a great weekend.
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Wonderpod Episode 277

Wonderpod is back at it. This week we are at full capacity cast wise. It is so nice to have the whole crew back together. A nice mix of topics and discussions in this episode. Enjoy the show and a have a great weekend.
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Glasenator & PatMan Play. Star wars Battlefront.

It has been a long time since I hooked up with one of the WPO crew for some online fun. But that all changed this afternoon as one of the voices of Wonderpod , Glasenator , joined up with me in co-op Battlefront. We had a good time, even if I put the difficulty a bit low for our FPS skills. Check out the video below and i hope to be playing more with the WPO crew in the future. See you all on the flip-side!

PatMan Plays Star Wars Battlefront. Getting Started.

What is going ON, people? I am back with another Xbox One game play video. This time I am farting around in the first few offline training levels of Battlefront. Also, there is a bit of footage of the couple online games I played mixed in between.If you love Star wars and you love video games it simply looks and sounds as close to the movies as you can currently get! Check out some random footage below and I will see you all on the Flip-Side!

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