DayZ: Upside down plane.

So several days ago I was in Dayz doing some general scrounging. I was joined on the server by the man known as Agent K. Wonderpod fans will of heard me talk about him. He is also in the next couple videos I will post. So the basic setup here is the plane was correct on his screen and upside down on mine. Which made this short field take off, look even more impossible.


Wonderpod Episode 216

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. One more two-man show for you all. We are doing the best we can to get a third voice for next week. Until then we got topics and rambling to go with them. This episode was in no way shape or formation a paid promotion. All opinions are original and straight off the dome yo. Enjoy the show!
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Wonderpod Episode 215

Another two man Wonderpod this week. We might get back to three at some point. This is a good format for now. Might even sneak in some new voices here and there. This week mostly gaming and one editorial that will even get some link love. Enjoy your weekend people!
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Wonderpod Episode 214

Wonderpod is a two-man show again this week. If you like ranting then this is the show for you. We even forgot one good rant starter. There is always next week. We should be back to a full crew for that show. Enjoy your holiday weekend.
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PatMan Plays, With Himself. Mii Mario Kart 8

Happy Weekend to all. Last week I was avoiding bears and nasty chipmunks in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and BC , so I had no time for videogame. But this week I am back and it is all about the great fun that Mario Kart 8 offers. I finally unlocked my Mii, something that took longer than I expected. Anyway, I have had fun playing with my Mii and yes, I have had several encounters with Luigi and several “Death Stares”. But that didn’t stop me from winning the races, nice try green guy. Here is one highlight reel of a race I had just last night. Enjoy the video, enjoy the weekend , check out our forums which are bursting with activity and I will see you all on the flip-side!



Wonderpod Episode 213

Wonderpod is back to full strength this week. Feels like we finally got caught up after the blitz that was E3. Mostly gaming, with a dash of movie rambling thrown in. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend.
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Wonderpod Episode 212

What started out at as a normal show, Whic then turned into a two man adventure. Glasenator got lost in the wilderness somewhere in eastern Canada. So just Jon and I phoned the RCMP and then did a show. For those of you who like games we’ve been playing, its back in the mix. Plus the usual game news banter and frivolity.
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PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Saturday Night Battle

The greatness of the Weekend is once again upon us, and with a week off work to follow, things are looking very good here in the land of PatMan. I had some time tonight to play video games, and once again I put my Xbox One aside and played WiiU , specifically Mario Kart 8. This time around I try out the battle mode. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of battle mode in Mario Kart games. I don’t know if it is the silly balloons or if it is the non racing elements to it, I just have never been into it. I know a lot of people love it, and its not bad at all, so I played some rounds online tonight for shits and giggles. There are no arenas this time around, no specific Battle mode maps at all . Players battle it out on some of the tracks in the game that already exist. In the video below you will see that I was off to a bad start as I embarrassingly blow my engine. However, things look up  from there and I actually end up coming in first place out of  the 12 random gamers playing together tonight . USA, Germany and Canada were the countries represented in this particular match. And the match was smooth and lag free. Battle mode is decent fun, but I am much more interested in the racing action of Mario Kart 8  both offline and online. I will be returning to that next time. But, until next time, check out the video below and I will see you all, on the flip side!


Wonderpod Episode 211

Its time for Wonderpod, E3 flavor! We gathered all the info worth possessing from the E3 hype festical. Then we regurgitated it for you both live and on file. Always a wild week doing a show on nothing but E3. Great doing it in front of a live audience again. Enjoy the show!
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Saturday Night With Mario Kart 8. PatMan Plays.


The weekend is here, and I have been enjoying the sun. But, of course, I also have been enjoying the great fun that is known as Mario Kart 8! I have had the opportunity to play both online and offline and its smooth in both cases. Hopefully I can hook up with our very own Jonkind from the Wonderpod podcast soon and maybe get some video of us playing together. For now, check out 2 videos highlights of me playing single player. The first is Mario Circuit and the next is the latest version of Rainbow road. There are 2 Rainbow roads in Mario Kart 8, one classic inspired track and the one below. Check them out, have fun playing games and I will see you all on the flip side!





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