Wonderplays: Castle Crashers

The Wonderpod crew and our good buddy Roger, throw down in Castle Crashers. Sadly, Steam was being a royal asshole that night. Caused a bunch of lag and other issues. Still think the amount of fun we were having comes across well. There is a large chance we will be playing this again in the future. Enjoy the video!

PatMan Plays Destiny. Even More Fun With A Friend.

What is going on people? My 16 day stretch away from work is almost at an end. In between my travels I did find a bit of time for Destiny. I even had the pleasure of teaming up with a friend to take on the darkness! I’m early in but enjoying it. It’s a cross between Borderlands and Halo , although there is clearly not enough loot in the game to directly compare it to Borderlands. I have not played any strikes nor have I played the competitive multiplayer, so there is a lot to take in before I have a final opinion of the game. But so far its fun and smooth. There is nothing here that’s revolutionary, no deep story. But there is fun shooting, a great co-op campaign mode and a bit of exploration. Check out the video below for some public events , co op campaign and, of course , funny dance moves! See you all on the flipside !


Wonderpod Episode 224

Friday is here and with it another episode of Wonderpod. After three weeks of garbage in gaming we are blowing the format to pieces two weeks in a row. Last week we dusted off a concept from the past. This week we really went off the beaten path. Let us know what you think.
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McGee In State Of Decay

So I am a little later than I planned posting this. That is what happens when your playing games and having fun. You forget to do constructive things. Anyway, I gave State Of Decay a shot on PC. I seriously doubt I will be doing many videos in the game after this. The story line and characters you meet just put me off. To overdone and cliched. It really pains me to use the C word, but its fairly true. If I play more and find it interesting, you will be the first to know. You lucky devils!

Wonderplays: Minecraft

The Wonderplays crew is back. This time we go on an adventure in minecraft. They had dropped the 1.8 update and it added a massive amount of features and blocks. So we decided to try and find bunnies. Then raised our banners high to said bunnies. Enjoy the video.

PatMan Plays Titanfall. Without Any Titans?

I once played FPS on a near nightly basis. FPS like Halo, Battlefield and COD. That has obviously changed,along with a lot of other things, but I still do like a good FPS even when I don’t have the time to really enjoy one. And with Destiny coming soon for my Xbox One, I thought I better get a little bit of practice in and get the rust off. And what better game to do that with than Titanfall. Titanfall has had another update and this time a new game type that has absolutely no Titans in it is now available. I know, Titanfall with out the Titans sounds a bit lame, but it turns out that’s not true. It is pretty fun. Titanfall involving only pilots is actually different and there are no bots and no Titans to be seen anywhere. I did , however, start to miss the giant mechs dropping from the sky and they DO make the action more fun to watch, but this new game type was just what I needed to shake some rust off my controller and prepare for Destiny next week. Check out over 4 mins of Titanfall pilots only multiplayer below and I will see you all on the flip side!


Wonderpod Episode 223

We switch it up this week on Wonderpod. We sit down and start brain storming on creating our own game. Long time listeners of the show will know, we have done this once before. What makes this different is we actually plan to create this game. We give you a ton of details during the show.
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PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Hulk-A-Mii Is Running Wild!

Well you know something, brother, dude, brother? I have been playing Mario Kart 8 for a long time now, dude. And it was time to take things to the next level for my Miis, brother. And the best way to do that is to Hulk Up and play as the one and only ” Hulk-A Mii”.  So, sit back and watch 2 videos of my avatar racing around looking like the Hulkster of Nintendo. As always I am having lots of fun with this game, now lets see if Destiny can take away my game time from Mario and company next week. I will see you all on the flip side…and… What-cha-gonna-do!



Wonderplays: L4D2

Welcome to a new feature we are starting here at the site. Wonderplays is the crew from Wonderpod sitting down to play games for fun. Because playing games and having fun is why we play games in the first place. We did not care about the outcome or length of the video. Hopefully you enjoy watching as much as we did making it. See ya people!!

PatMan Plays Mario Kart 8. Enter The Mercedes


What is going on, people? The final long weekend of summer is here, but for yours truly, I have an additional 2 weeks off to enjoy! So, naturally, I will be spending lots of time in the great outdoors as I make the most of what’s left of Summer around these parts.  That said, I will also have more time to enjoy videogames such as the great Mario Kart 8 and the upcoming game Destiny. In case you missed it, Nintendo released plans for some very nice sounding and reasonably affordable DLC for Mario Kart 8. But ,before that hits gamers eager WiiU’s , there is the FREE DLC sponsored by Mercedes. While to be honest this DLC is nothing in terms of scope compared to Nintendo’s upcoming DLC, the Mercedes cars are fun to drive and to my surprise, they  fit in nicely in the Mario universe. Don’t like or even want brand name cars in MK8? No problem, just follow these 2 easy steps.  1- Quit bitching and  2- don’t download it. It is THAT simple.  Check out PatMans Mii in a classic Mercedes below, and I will see you all on the flip side!

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