Dork McGee In DayZ EP 2

Hey look I made two videos in one freaking week. I keep this up people may actually expect me to post these. Right like that is ever going to happen. Anyway this EP involves me running in from the starting spawn. Which I had to do, due to a server update/upgrade. I even touch on Monday’s video. Go Continuity!!

Dork McGee in DayZ

After posting the upside down plane video, I decided to do a more full DayZ video. I try to give you some idea of whats on the UI. As the title indicates my Dork tendencies got me into trouble again. This might become a regular thing. Then again I am lazy. *note* It appears I need to watch the entire video before rendering. oops Enjoy the video!

PatMan Plays Destiny Beta.

The Destiny beta is now all but over and I was lucky enough to get some time in and enjoy it. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect going in.  I thought the game may not be for someone like me, someone who only plays games, mostly, on the weekend. But it turns out that the game is more fun than I thought it would be for someone with limited game time, and I will be picking this up when it is launched. The story mode plays like a cross between Halo(surprise) and Borderlands. It shows you exactly were your next level objective is on the map and ,early on ,you better not stray to far or you will be killed within seconds by high level enemies.  There are also “public events” which you can choose to join and earn extra EXP. Also, “Strikes” can be organized with groups of players. As far as story mode goes, I like what I played but I know it would be more fun with friends than playing alone. Maybe more of my friends, including the folks over here at Wonderpod online, can collect bottles for a few months and pony up the cash for a new gen system by then. ha.

Multiplayer mode is unlocked at level 5. This didn’t take me very long to do. Competitive multiplayer is where the game really feels a lot like Halo(surprise again). I enjoyed it, but wish they had a better match making system, but then again its the beta so maybe they will  have a better matchmaking system upon final release. Anyways, I am impressed with the game, it doesn’t do anything totally new, but the combination of Halo like FPS, Borderlands gameplay  and basic MMO style mechanics has me very interested. Check out the video below for over 4 mins of Destiny beta goodness with PatMan!


Wonderpod Episode 217

Wonderpod is back to a three man crew. Roger the master of all things virtual boy, joins the cast for this episode. We had an issue with Skype which crashed hard at the end of the show. So just a small solo close to end things. We are doing a live show next week. You can join us on Mixlr.
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Unturned: Three Stooges Edition

Unturned is a free to play game on Steam. One which I have talked about a couple times on Wonderpod. Honestly, about all we got out of this game was this video. For a game made by a sixteen year old its decent, but has a number of issues. Still a fun time and a great group video.

DayZ: Upside down plane.

So several days ago I was in Dayz doing some general scrounging. I was joined on the server by the man known as Agent K. Wonderpod fans will of heard me talk about him. He is also in the next couple videos I will post. So the basic setup here is the plane was correct on his screen and upside down on mine. Which made this short field take off, look even more impossible.


Wonderpod Episode 216

Time for another episode of Wonderpod. One more two-man show for you all. We are doing the best we can to get a third voice for next week. Until then we got topics and rambling to go with them. This episode was in no way shape or formation a paid promotion. All opinions are original and straight off the dome yo. Enjoy the show!
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Wonderpod Episode 215

Another two man Wonderpod this week. We might get back to three at some point. This is a good format for now. Might even sneak in some new voices here and there. This week mostly gaming and one editorial that will even get some link love. Enjoy your weekend people!
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Wonderpod Episode 214

Wonderpod is a two-man show again this week. If you like ranting then this is the show for you. We even forgot one good rant starter. There is always next week. We should be back to a full crew for that show. Enjoy your holiday weekend.
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PatMan Plays, With Himself. Mii Mario Kart 8

Happy Weekend to all. Last week I was avoiding bears and nasty chipmunks in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta and BC , so I had no time for videogame. But this week I am back and it is all about the great fun that Mario Kart 8 offers. I finally unlocked my Mii, something that took longer than I expected. Anyway, I have had fun playing with my Mii and yes, I have had several encounters with Luigi and several “Death Stares”. But that didn’t stop me from winning the races, nice try green guy. Here is one highlight reel of a race I had just last night. Enjoy the video, enjoy the weekend , check out our forums which are bursting with activity and I will see you all on the flip-side!


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