The Wolf Among Us – A Crooked Mile

The calm before the storm.

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Fulgore Returns In Killer Instinct.

The final content for season one of KI is here. The poster boy for the KI franchise, Fulgore has returned along with an arcade mode . For $19.99 you can download every character, game play mode, stage and retro costume in the season. A very good deal considering that you only pay one third the price of a retail fighting game. KI may not have a story mode, but it never did to be honest, and its roster is smaller than most modern fighters, but whats there is awesome for its low price tag. Check out some footage of me trying to figure out how to play as Fulgore on the first day he came out.  See you all on the flip side!



Wonderpod Episode 202

Wonderpod is brand new and running wild. This week the crew discusses three separate areas of interest. One of which we only tackle once a year. The other two are long standing favorites of the crew. Feels like the type of show that has something for everyone. Give it a listen and let us know if it was.
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Wonderpod Episode 201

This week on Wonderpod. We go back to recording in a dark broom closet. There will be live shows in the future and we discuss the details. We cover some hardware news and more on this episode. Kind of cleaning out what we didn’t cover last week. We are using a new version of our audio recorder so there is a little audio wonk this week. Enjoy the show!
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Wonderpod Episode 200

Wonderpod has reached episode 200. We did something new and went all the way live. Normally we sit in a quiet Skype call and record. This show was all over the place. A little normal and a lot of nostalgia. The crew feels good reaching this mark. Warning the audio goes a little crazy from time to time. Doing something new always throws you a curve. We may try broadcasting live again in the future.
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Persona 4 Golden

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Wonderpod Episode 199

Wonderpod has rolled into the station at stop 199. We stand on the precipice of our 200th episode. Speaking of that next week we will do the show 100 percent live. Further details on the where and when are coming this Monday. We will hope you join us for the live show. This week we talk some movies, video games and hardware.
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More Titanfall. PatMan Plays.

What IS going on people?  I have had some more time to play Titanfall, and by using the simple ” Xbox Record that” voice command along with Upload Studios, I have put together another game play video.  I am really enjoying the time I get with this title. But no matter how great the multi player is, and it is pretty great,  that is still no excuse of not having more content. Especially at full retail price. Anyways, check this video out, its me kicking ass and also getting my ass kicked in the thick of the action.  I will see you all on the flip side!


PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Crazy Taxi.

Remember playing Crazy Taxi back in the good old days of video game arcades?  Well how about giving this classic and fun racing game a spin on the iPhone, for absolutely free. To promote the upcoming new Crazy Taxi game, SEGA has dropped the price down on the original to ,well, FREE. So check out the trailer below and relive some retro fun, or if you lived under a rock and never heard of this game, now is the chance to experience it. You need to get downloading because after March 19, it wont be free for the picking anymore.  I will be playing quick burst of Crazy Taxi on my iPhone in-between rounds of Titanfall. See you all on the flip-side!


PatMan Plays Titanfall. First Few Days.

Titanfall has finally arrived and I had the chance to play some of it over the last few days on my Xbox One. Unless you have been hiding under a rock the last little while you know the game is good. As a matter of fact, I think it is more than good, it is very good and very fun. It does lack a single player mode, and that is noticeable, however what IS there is very fun to play. So, take a look at some random video of me playing Titanfall below and I will see you all on the flip side.


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