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PNTNR iMPACT review: TNA is coming at you live!

So some downer news to start off and that is the leaving of Alex Shelley. This on the heels of the MCMG’s return. The division looks as empty as the knockout tag division at a time when iMPACT should be bragging about its dominance over The ‘E in Tag team wrestling…well I guess there is […]

Impact Wrestling-The Plot against Roode

Oh I actually find myself loving Impact Wrestling’s opener with Hogan trying to decide who should take out err on Roode for the title before he amasses the longest reigning champion title which is currently being held by AJ Styles. Outside of that the interaction between Ray, Angle Styles and Hogan with Hardy sitting on […]

iMPACT Wrestling – Road to Slammiversary

Roode comes out. The cocky heel is eladed that in one week he will be the longest reigning TNA World Champion in the history of the company. He wants to throw a bash. So he calls out Hogan and gives him his list of demands Roode comes out. The cocky heel is eladed that in […]

Late Edition: TNA iMPACT “Hogan Always plays with me” -Ric Flair

We open on a video of Eric Appreciation night and how the faces dumped him into a port-a-pottie leaving him covered in Shite. Flair stands in the ring and gives us that rousing title line. I couldn’t help but crack up laughing when that was said then after calling out Hogan added this line after […]

The Day After- An iMPACT Wre….Open Fight Night Review

So after last weeks announcement of TNA doing a Open Fight Night where anyone can challenge the champion of their choice, minus of course the KO Tag champs because that belt is now in possession of the comedic duo of Eric Young and ODB. What made it also extra interesting when announced was now they […]

Impact Wrestling is in transition- Pntnr review

So we had a lackluster Lockdown 2012 ending with Roode retaining in the flukest way possible. Now we have the champion gloating about his win, but wait we have Mr. Anderson who stilled PO’ed about the beer bottle win from a few weeks back. New Challenger? Well then we get Jeff Hardy who seems to […]

Impact Wrestling 04/12/12Impact Wrestling 04/12/12Impact Wrestling 04/12/12

So TNA has their Lockdown PPV this Sunday. Do I care? No, not really. Here’s the deal, I got virtually 45 minutes of sleep last night, and have been up since 5:30AM yesterday. Tried to call in to work at the night job, and then it started fucking snowing which means there is NO ABSOLUTE […]

PNTNR TNA Impact – …The Razzie goes to….Or what you goin’ to do Brother when the GM goes wild on you?

Impact is Hogan Country. After only being gone since October, Hogan is now a face official. And out to introduce him is Dixie Carter doing her best Price’s Right impersonation introduces the man in black in blue GM Hulk Hogan. He’s running wild on something Impact is Hogan Country. After only being gone since October, […]

Celebration of Professional Wrestling (2012 Archive)Celebration of Professional Wrestling (2012 Archive)Celebration of Professional Wrestling (2012 Archive)

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity we’ve had over the last week plus… It’s been a great ride for all involved at Bored Wrestling Fan and Wonderpod-Online! I’d like to thank all involved with this great project, and on behalf of all involved, a special thanks to you the wrestling fans who took the time […]

Pintnoir reviews Impact – Roode now starring in the remake of the Bodyguard

On the road to Lockdown the all cage PPV and with two weeks and some change to go we have the return of Roode, accompanied by 5 body guards cutting a promo on breaking Sting and putting Dixie in her place. He goes on to say that the guards are there for Storm’s protection not […]