Lego LOTR News

This story much like the one posted below stopped me dead in my tracks. This time not with sarcasm and the thought of being a jack ass. Lego games are made from everything these days. Which is great and annoying at the same time. Outside of Lego world things blowing up for Wii U, I am fairly neutral toward the whole concept. That was until I heard about Lego LOTR

First off look at that bad ass dwarf. He is awesome and looks like he would cleave you in two at that size. Second they are going to have a crafting system in this game. If they listen to me this could be the best crafting system in any game ever. What they need to do is incorporate the parts of the Lego people you kill and maim. Think about it, you could have the gollum leg club +3 to slimy. The random guy’s head I lopped off. Which would be +2 to creepy. The mithril penis bow, which is illegal in 37 states. The possibilities are endless. Please TT Games allow me and my twisted friends to put smashed up Lego people into weapons.

Source (Yes I swiped the image from there as well.)

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