The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Game Play)

We talked about this game a few times on the podcast. So when the trailer popped up on Destructoid I gave it a watch. There is nothing in this trailer that screams play our game. Then again, this is the first of many trailers I am sure. So I will withhold any concrete judgement until I see more. They have a big mountain to climb given the success of TellTales adventure series. Zombie fans will probably love it, no telling on the rest of gamerdom. Give it a watch and tell us what you think.

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4 Responses to “The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (Game Play)”

  1. PatMan says:

    I think it is another shooter with Zombies in it. That is what I think. The trailer did nothing to impress me or even show me anything that I had not already seen in the other shooters with Zombies in them.


  2. _G_ says:

    This trailer revealed two things pretty much. First, is that zombies in this game are pretty akin to the walkers of The Walking Dead. They come across oblivious at times due to distractions like food. I do like that stealth element.

    Second, it really looks like Dead Island (which is not a bad thing). The nature of the AI is yet to be determined, but a Dead Island type game where the zombies are not unrealistically fast is rather appealing. It's more like the traditional Romero zombie (those the Walkers are clearly modeled after). I'm cool with that. I'm very likely to purchase this game.

  3. PatMan says:

    The first trailer for Dead Island was amazing! And I was interested in the game with each trailer they released. This trailer, well, not so much. But maybe it is for XBLA and not 60 bucks? Or maybe they just need a better produced trailer, it was just… very blah to me.
    I am not the biggest Zombie fan, so that is always a factor. I didn't think I would like L4D much and I turned out liking it enough to even buy the sequel, so what the fuck do I know…haha

    • _G_ says:

      That trailer sucked. No argument there. Some genres can get tired quick, I can relate to that. Turns out I'm some zombie nerd type, and a massive Walking Dead fan, so…