Take-Two/WWE (follow up)

A couple weeks back the crew on Wonderpod covered the THQ bankruptcy sale. When it came to the WWE franchise license we weren’t entirely convinced of what we had read. It seemed like Take Two had gotten control of the franchise, but it wasn’t clear enough then. Well fans of WWE games worry no more. According to CVG the publisher has in fact gained control of the franchise. They worked out a deal with the WWE and it is awaiting the courts approval. So if your a fan of wrestling games, looks like the WWE games will keep right on coming.

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3 Responses to “Take-Two/WWE (follow up)”

  1. _G_ says:

    Yep. As soon as the Feb. 19th date is come and gone, we'll know for sure. It is still possible the courts would not allow it, I guess. Lord knows why they wouldn't though.

  2. PatMan says:

    I would like to see what they are going to do with the next gen systems and WWE games. Could be cool.

    • _G_ says:

      I heard an interview with one of the developers. He noted that they were already started production of 14 before 13 was even released. I don't expect it to be on the new consoles. If it is, it probably will just be tweaked a little. Like King Kong was, for the 360.