PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Pac-Man Dash.

What is going on people?  PatMan is back with another free iPhone game for your weekend enjoyment. This time around it’s the return of one of the most iconic characters in video game history, Pac-Man! That’s right Pac-Man’s back on iOS and this time around it won’t cost you a penny to play his latest fun game, unless you want to buy some optional and extra items along the way. But we don’t do that around here as it’s all about FREE and for me!   Pac-Man Dash is a side scrolling, mission based runner where the goal is to pick up as many dots,or cookies as they call them now , ghosts and fruit as you can during the course of each individual level. That’s right , it’s not an “endless runner”  it’s  mission-based and it has individual levels which ,in my opinion , is a more fun experience than an endless running game most of time.  Graphics are very crisp and colorful , the sound is good and the touch controls are very simple and easy.  Once you get past the first tutorial level and get your ” Dash” gameplay is fast , fun and has a bit of an old school Sonic” feel ” to it at times. So what are you waiting for ,download Pac-Man Dash now and have some fun with it this weekend.  Check out my usual in game screen shots below and as always, see you all on the flip side!


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