PatMan Plays Titanfall Beta. Day 2. New Game type.

I have had a little more time with the Titanfall Beta and I am enjoying it even more than last night. I played a different game type today and it will probably become my favorite.  It is based on the classic Battlefield game type of taking positions and defending them. The more positions you have, the better off your team will be. Of course, there is plenty of death match like action to be had as well along with the bit of strategy. The best way to describe Titanfall for those who have not played it is a follows.  If you are in a Titan, the game plays like a very fast paced, modern version, cross between Terra Nova and Mechwarrior. If you are playing on foot, the game feels like a much more smooth combination of COD, Crysis and a little dash of Halo. Maybe it is me, but the hit detection on foot is very impressive and accurate, while in the Titans  it is less so. But then again, this is a beta not a final product. Even though Titanfall should have a single player mode and does not, after playing the beta I am pretty certian that I will be spending my Valentines day gift card of MS points ( or is it MS money now?) on downloading Titanfall on March 11th. Respawn is lucky that they came out of the gate first with this New Gen shooter. They will, probably, get away with not having a single player story mode. If Gears Of War or Halo 5 were already out, with more content for new gen gamers to digest, I don’t think they would have the same sales they will have in March. New Gen gamers are “starved” for a shooter and Titanfall is a very good one, even without a single player mode.  Check out my video of day 2 playing the beta below.


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