TCR Comix: The Brilliant Bedtime Household

Hey guys.  You know who we haven’t heard from in a while?  The Muppet-Things!  Seeing as it’s been a good four months since, I figure it’s time we checked in on them!

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4 Responses to “TCR Comix: The Brilliant Bedtime Household”

  1. G says:

    People shouldn't assume just because they kind of look like muppets, that these are innocent creatures. They'll teach you to count too… oh will they ever!

  2. Al Creed says:

    Case in point: The Land of Gorch.

  3. G says:

    Good call Al. Those sketches were almost a anti muppet world, and predecessor to the Dark Crystal.

  4. Al Creed says:

    I never cared for any of the non-kid friendly Muppet efforts. And Labyrinth. Labyrinth was god-fucking-awful. The last time I trust a Hipster's opinion on ANYTHING.