Stampede Wrestling Classics: A triad of video’s for you!

Last week, the mighty PatMan brought our site a second edition of his Stampede Wrestling picks. They were awesome. Then this week? I think he must be on strike. Bastard. So I’ll fill in and throw down an episode in lieu of his absence. I’m a man-child of Calgary too, after all. This was our bread and butter in Cow Town as wee Pat’s and G’s…

Oh, and PatMan? I stole your PatMan Picks category tag too! Ha ha!

So first up to bat, is a little interview between two classic over-the-top wrestlers. You think some of the modern product is inane and whatnot? Haters gonna hate?

A while back on the two man review Stampede podcast, Pat and I spoke about two of our favorites from the Stampede promotion. Those were Jason the Terrible, and Abdullah the Butcher. The following took place in the WWC, however.


They didn’t say much there… hmm… we need a classic interview featuring the late, great Ed Whalen… don’t we? Yep. The Youtube description of this video reads as follows:

Johnathan Holliday issues another ranting edict to Ed Whalen, Chris Benoit, Biff Wellington and the people of Canada while his body guard Skull Mason stands guard. Stampede Wrestling aired world-wide and Nationally in Canada on TSN and 2&7.


And for our match of the evening, I bring to you… going way back to 1979… Jake the Snake Roberts versus Big Daddy Ritter (later known as The Junkyard Dog). In a Ladder Match. Your Commentator? Ed Whalen, ‘natch.


I’m sure the PatMan will return next week, but in the mean time… and in between time… That’s it! Another episode of Stampede Wrestling Classics!

Last weeks edition: Stampede Wrestling Classics. Dynamite Kid& Duke Myers vs Billy Jack Haynes & Bruce Hart

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One Response to “Stampede Wrestling Classics: A triad of video’s for you!”

  1. PatMan says:

    Just when you thought that there would be no Patman picks Stampede edition this week, G lays the smack down!

    What do you all think of THAT? IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

    Nice one G, I was thinking about putting up a Jake" before his snake" match, and against the JYD, before he was the JYD? Nice find.