Wonderpod Episode 92

Wonderpod is alive and well. We all enjoyed our brief hiatus and it shows. The main point of this episode was to make predictions for the coming year. While we accomplished the goal you will notice a theme through out the show. Feel free to look at the hilarious results of said theme at the bottom of the post. I will warn you they are not, I repeat not safe for work.

What we been playing is brought to you by steam, 3DS and Kinect.

Will we see new consoles announced from Sony and Microsoft?

Will the Wii U show up this year or not?

Who wins the sales battle between 3DS and Vita? The answer may surprise you

Do we get a game from Respawn this year? Maybe an announcement with fancy trailer.

What will Bungie do? An MMO? An RTS MMO? An RTS MMO involving farm animals?

How will 343i do with Halo 4?

3D penis (NSFW)

dicktits (NSFW)


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One Response to “Wonderpod Episode 92”

  1. Fredrik says:

    I think that 3d penis IS safe for work 🙂