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PatMan Plays BattleToads Arcade.

What is going on people? It has been a long time since I have made any videos but I just had to post something from the great Rare Replay collection on Xbox One. Check out a few mins of BattleToads Arcade, will ya? The arcade version of Battle Toads seems to be a bit less […]

PatMan Plays. Arcade Craft.

As a little kid I remember spending countless hours in video arcades with my big brother. We would play the latest arcade games and, of course , our favorite classic coin ops over and over again. Then, something happened. The arcades started to disappear one at a time.  As kids we were of course disappointed to see this take […]

PatMan Plays. Ms. Pac-Man TV games system

One of my favourite personal mottos in life is quite simple, if its free its for me. And so when I received the Ms Pac-Man TV game system as a gift years ago I gladly took the retro toy with open arms, and more importantly, an open mind. Sure, at the time I received this […]