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PatMan Plays RC Pro AM 1&2. Rare Replay

I kind of cheat this week with my Rare Replay video. This time around I will be showing footage of both RC Pro Am and the successful follow up title RC Pro AM 2.I had almost forgotten that Rare made these fun racers back in the day. While both are great old school racing games, […]

PatMan Picks N64 Favorites: Diddy Kong Racing.

From its mode 7 beginnings on the SNES all the way to its much anticipated and upcoming release on the  3DS Mario Kart has been the undisputed champion of kart racing titles, often leaving any and all competition in its dust. In the past, however, there was one exception. That game was Diddy Kong Racing, developed by Rare for the N64. This mascot racing […]

Everyone Else Writes About Video Games, So Why Not I? – An Unholy Trinity

One of the most prominent veins in Video Game Journalism On The Internet is reminiscing about retro gaming.  Be it masturbating over Super Mario Bros. 3, or throwing a fit over how godawful some bad games were, it seems like it is a cool thing to do.  So, seeing as this column of mine was […]