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Wonderpod Episode 289

Wonderpod is a duo show. Glasenator is off on an adventure. He is looking for a HR department that isn’t a bunch of lying bastards. Lots of repeat topics this week. We know repeats can get old. The same topics are the talk of Internet town lately. So they are hard to avoid. Enjoy the […]

McGee In: New Vegas (Ramble)

The Saddest part of this footage? I really don’t shoot any better sober. Beyond that, I rant on a couple things bugging me. I was shooting more for constructive than snark. Time will tell if I accomplished that goal. Enjoy the video guys!

Wonderpod Episode 123

This week on Wonderpod. One of the cast explodes live on air. That is possibly bullshit, but cut me some slack. It’s early and the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet. In reality we ramble on about video games and video game related matters as we do every week.

The Frankenstein Project – Fable Series

I thought I’d start a new concept I thought would be interesting. You’ll catch on as I go. This is semi-inspired by this thread “Series Where Different Games Had Attributes You Wish Were Together In One Game.” It seems like as a series goes on it either gets better, worse, or both. Fable is no […]