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Wonderpod Episode 98

This episode of Wonderpod is brought to you by train wrecks. When things just aren’t chaotic enough, add a nice big can of train wreck. It’s also why this post is late as can be. Mind you this glorious post of posting isn’t the only way to snag our fine show. It may of gotten […]

Autosave Rant Rebuttal

So if you haven’t guessed by now this is a rebuttal to Gunsage’s rant that he just posted.  It’s right below mine, so if you haven’t read it yet, do that and then come back.  Anyway let’s get started.  Here’s my two cents on autosaves.

What The Heck Is “Family Guy Online”?

Found an interesting bit of news this AM  as I was checking out my usual websites and blogs around these fine internets. Apparently, there is some sort of closed beta sing up for something called ” Family Guy Online”. Details are pretty sketchy at the moment aside from an email confirming your in …SOMETHING. The […]

Star Trek vs Star Wars. Which Was The More Nerdy E3 Trailer?

There were a lot cool of E3 trailers this year and as you fine followers of know, we covered many of them right here for you. But there were 2 that should give hardcore science fiction fans pretty high hopes for the future and a reason to get out of the basement , stop […]

Minecraft Road Trip Episode 1

Hello there fine people of Wonderpod-Online.  I have undertaken a little journey with one of my minecraft worlds. I was first going to do this as a screen shot post.  After watching Glasenator’s video yesterday I got inspired and scrapped that post in favor of a video. This video is not as good as in […]