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GTA 5: Fail Rage

Let us start off Monday with a little rage. We all have those moments of self doubt. The I really suck moments. This time I decided to put mine on YouTube. The video actually made me laugh during the edit process. I am such an idiot some times. (okay most of the time) Enjoy my […]

McGee In: GTA 5 (five star mayhem)

I went for a little drive in free roam in Grand Theft Auto Five. Along the way I mysteriously gathered five stars. Seems the authorities just don’t understand Frank’s idea of fun. Enjoy the video guys!

Franklin is the Man.

I finally started up GTA V today. I got it for $11 on drop day thanks to some trade ins, but wanted to finish Borderlands 2 before I started it. Once I got past the intro, and intro free-roam mode, the first thing I did was go to the strip club and walk into the […]