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7 Days To Die Fun

Time for some more video antics. It occurred to me while editing this video that I have posted nothing but survival games. Survival games with zombies as the main enemy. Are we to the point yet, where zombies are just standard enemies yet? I take them that way anymore. Along the lines of goblins, Russians […]

Wonderpod Episode 87

The crew has survived Halloween. The various hexes, curses and death threats did not stop us. To show there are no hard feelings  we put together a new episode of Wonderpod for you. For those of you that attempted to harm us, all I can say is better luck next year.

Retropod – Episode 1

Welcome boys and girls and Scruffys! Do we have a treat for you today…we have a brand new podcast known as Retropod! In the pilot, we discuss various topics such as…