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Biff Zongo: Total War: Shogun 2 vs. God

Cargo! The Quest For Gravity (impressions)

I’ve always loved weird games. Games that are really out there, like weird dreams and Pyschonauts. I am sure I have forgotten some, but you get the general idea. So today Jim Sterling posted a link on twitter about a game called Cargo! The quest for gravity. The game is developed by ice-pick lodge a […]

Retro Post – Toys! Toys! Toys!

Here’s another installment of “Retro” articles by yours truly. This one is a particular favourite of mine as the memories of sitting in my room as a small boy it helps conjour up give me that warm and fuzzy feeling. No, not THAT warm and fuzzy feeling. That one didn’t start happening until I was […]

Digital Home Yo

Another Friday and that means another Wonderpod. Well that is coming up a little later, this is my morning selfish post. Obviously most of you would rather I just post the podcast and bugger off. Yeah, that is not happening, I got stuff to say and it is more fun with victims. These posts are […]