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PatMan Picks Free iPhone Games. Tabletop Racing

What is going on people?  It is another glorious weekend and, as usual, with it comes  another free  iOS game. So why not play a fun and free game where ever your weekend takes you?  If you are fast enough,you’ll be able to pick up the fun little iPhone racer ” Tabletop Racing”  for absolutely […]

PatMan Plays Lili. A quirky adventure on your iPhone.

Around these parts I’m well known for picking out fun and free games on iOS. But every now and then I see a game drop in price that interests me so much I just have to pick it up. This time the game Lili found my interests and last weekend it dropped in price to […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro

I am a fan of racing games, always have been and probably will always continue to be. So, I like it when I stumble upon a good ,solid racer on the iPhone. Ricky Carmichael’s Motocross Matchup Pro is exactly that. Oh and of course, the game is FREE for a limited time. If you like motocross […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Robot Rampage

Have you ever had a dream about turning into a giant robot? One who’s only purpose is to destroy buildings, blast tanks with lasers, squash  ground troops and take out tanks? You have? Wow. Because I was kidding and your kind of deranged, really. But that’s OK, because you can now live out those strange dreams in […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Phoenix HD

Another day goes by and you guessed it, another free iPhone game has been discovered by yours truly. Today’s pick is an action arcade shooter by the name of Phoenix HD. I know what you are thinking, I love these games but they are so hard I just never play them. And yes, I suppose at first glance it looks to be […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Major Mayhem

Another day, another free iOS title worth downloading. Today I played Major Mayhem, and so should you.  It is a very nice looking, funny, action packed little arcade style shooter. The controls are simple and precise, which right away makes me a happy iPhone gamer. You shoot and aim with your fingers, while taking cover automatically when you are […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Angry Birds Seasons

It is Friday afternoon and that means only one thing, the weekend is HERE. So, if your looking for some absolutely free and fun iPhone gaming this hot summer season weekend look no further. Speaking of seasons, Angry Birds Seasons is up for free for the next little while and it just had to be my free pick for today. […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. The End

Welcome back to another PatMan picks free iPhone games. Once again I have an app that’s defiantly worth looking into, and also once again, it will cost you absolutely nothing to download if you quick enough.  My pick for today is a brand new game by the name of  ” The End ” .  The game takes place in what […]

PatMan Picks : Free iPhone games. Mustachio The Adventure

Welcome back to another PatMan picks free iphone games.  My pick today is Mustachio The Adventure, a 2D platform game using 3D scaling graphics.  This one just went free a few hours ago and will remain free for “only a  limited time” , what ever that means . The game looks very nice and controls pretty decently as well. I am […]