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Better Late Than Never: Torchlight 2 (Impressions)

Welcome to the Better Late Then Never series. Basically it will be me looking at games that I have missed or put off long after release. While it may be old news is old to some, there is value in bringing up good games that I just got around to playing. Never know there might […]

Just Cause 2

General Overview A typical outing into Just Cause 2 will have you deliberately flying off cliffs with motorcycles, opening up your parachute, zipping down to another vehicle with your grappling hook, and doing it all over again. The sheer amount of craziness and mayhem you can enact with this title is enough to get any […]

Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

I had some time this morning to shoot a minecraft video. Yet I wasn’t quite ready to show you guys my all new tree house city. I had a pesky building that I didn’t want anymore. Naturally I went for the quickest, easiest way to remove it. This of course lead to going to far […]

Smurfs Episode Two

I woke up this morning in a goofy and outrageous mood. That meant I had to immediately put underwear on my head and rock out to DEVO for a while. Instead of giving you my normal morning shtick, how about you guys enjoy a smurf episode instead. While you do that I will try and […]