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Wonderpod Episode 298

Wonderpod is winding down. Jon is back this week. We got some great topics for you guys. On one or two, we come at them from a new angle. Important note we will be recording on Friday of next week. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend!

KGB In: Killing Floor Part 2

Time for more Killing Floor. In this one we are joined by DJ Stew. Watch the video and it will all make sense. The most fun I’ve had in a while. Enjoy the video guys!

McGee Making Friends?

Hey there people! It has been a long while since I posted anything outside of Wonderpod. Which you should listen to. This is a short video in the new early access game Grav. I attempt to make a special friend. I don’t think I did it right.

Wonderpod Episode 211

Its time for Wonderpod, E3 flavor! We gathered all the info worth possessing from the E3 hype festical. Then we regurgitated it for you both live and on file. Always a wild week doing a show on nothing but E3. Great doing it in front of a live audience again. Enjoy the show!

Minecraft Building Removal (How Not To Do It)MineMine

I had some time this morning to shoot a minecraft video. Yet I wasn’t quite ready to show you guys my all new tree house city. I had a pesky building that I didn’t want anymore. Naturally I went for the quickest, easiest way to remove it. This of course lead to going to far […]

Minecraft Tour Episode 2

Hey there friends and┬áneighbors, it is time for minecraft videos. ┬áI called this mine craft cribs in the first episode and that was really dumb. There are about 4 trillion videos using the word cribs and that is just for minecraft. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get to this episode. […]

McGee Rants 1 (Not Wonderpod)

This week was supposed to be the triumphant return of Wonderpod. Our recording software and Skype said nuts to that. Which means we add another lost recording to the catalog. I felt really bad about not getting a show for you guys so, I cooked up a little something. It’s not much and may be […]

Take This Score and Shove It

It amazes me how stupid developers are getting. It is like they don’t seem to get how the gaming industry works. I mean it’s a fairly simple process from what I can tell. Someone comes up with an idea for a game or a sequel. Then the money to make said game is acquired. The […]

Smurfs Episode 4

The last episode of the original smurf comics. I have one or two more one off’s laying around that may get posted. I am still unsure I can do more of these at this point. I am not really sure anyone wants me to either. Screw it, they make me laugh even today the rest […]