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Grand Theft Auto Series

GTA has been an interesting series that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for many years. For many, when they say GTA, they’re referring to GTA3, 4, or possibly something along the line of San Andreas or Vice City. To avoid any confusion, I’m looking at the series as a whole and dishing out what […]

Smackdown 04/05/13: CLIP SHOW FOR ALL!

The only new content on this show was taped around RAW this week, and the rest will likely be all hype, zombie attacks and video packages towards Mania. Hence, this review should be really short. Probably like one jump. Not even hopping, just hop. Now get to it and click that hyperlink below… That’s what […]

Legend of Grimrock

General Overview An oldschool dungeon crawler with new age graphics, sounds, and animations is primed and ready to kick your ass and make you remember. Despite its rough difficulty, Grimrock does everything it can to keep its core audience and branch out to new audiences by being unashamed to provide you classic gameplay with only […]

Wonderpod Episode 104

How would you like a nice new Wonderpod for your long Easter weekend? We got a new one right here for you all. We are back to full steam this week and the show might even have theme. Mind you it’s a semi serious theme, but still fun. It’s the perfect companion for hunting Easter […]

Wonderpod Episode 103

Wonderpod has risen from the ashes one more time. Good thing it only takes a week or so to get over the fire damage. Getting the insurance to pay for a rodent caused fire is another thing. We got a little side tracked by wrestling this week. Which isn’t a bad thing given the time […]

Portal 2 Co-op With The Wonderpod Crew

This evening Jon and I finally sat down and played some co-op in Portal 2. Glasenator was right about one thing. It’s funnier when you don’t use voice chat. Most of this video will be very familiar to people who have played the game. Those that have not should get a kick out of it. […]

Bored Wrestling Fan Podcast: Survivor Series Discussion

Being the author of this article, it comes as no surprise I am involved. Yep, WPO crew… it’s another one of those podcast things, this one talking wrestling. There’s also a super special announcement for the site somewhere within the recording. Just like the nWo had the Wolfpac (they were terrible at spelling in the […]

Battlefield Play4Free Rocks?

I am not really sure what to make of this video. On one hand it’s a kind of crappy rock video. On the other it doesn’t really show off Battlefield Play4Free very well. I admit it got my attention while trolling gametrailers this morning.  So you fine people here in our audience can decide what […]

L.A. Noire: Game Play Trailer

I really feel like being lazy this morning. Plus I saw this trailer a couple days back and thought why not.  Actually this trailer has made my interest in  L. A Noire increase quite a bit. First off it looks awesome, but that is not really what has me excited. I really like the concept of […]

Break The Walls Down

Your introduction should give the read an idea of what your subject is about. Unless your name is Bruce McGee, then your introduction should be a bunch of random shit. This exception to the rule was created as no one has a clue what the fuck he is talking about anyway. In fact a group […]