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Wonderpod Episode 143

Time for a brand new Wonderpod. The second show of the has returned to the ancient ritual of years previous. Meaning there is some ranting, crude humor and a little feel good thrown in. In other words same insanity, new week. Enjoy the show

Wonderpod Episode 134

This week on Wonderpod. Halloween is over, which means the three of us are all hopped up on sugar and running wild. Might not come across in audio to well, just trust us. We discuss video games for the most part, but we couldn’t pass up one piece of super serious business. It kind of […]

Wonderpod Episode 89

It is that time of the year. It is gameageddon. We barely survived the avalanche of new releases this week. So you can expect lots of talk about dragons, saints, master chief, and Mario in his fur suit. We of course found other topics to talk about as well. So sit back and relax because […]

Wonderpod Episode 72

Wonderpod has a new look for this week. Glasenator has decided to risk life and limb at Amusement parks across the country. So we talked the wonderful Jonkind into filling in this week. We still talk about video games, along with lack of pants and virtual porn. So just another week in the life of […]

Video Game Movie We Have ALL Been Waiting For! Space Invaders?

There have been rumors in the past few years of a Halo motion picture with big names like Peter Jackson converting the epic universe to the silver screen. But now movie rumors about Halo need to step aside, because according to the good folks at the Hollywood Reporter, there is a Space Invaders Movie in […]

Wonderpod Episode 63

Wonderpod is ready to go and being launched on Friday the 13th no less. Does this mean there will be haunting glitches in the file? Perhaps there will be a terrifying scream during the news? I will just kill the suspense right now and tell you none of that is going to happen. Mostly because […]