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Wonderpod Episode 189

It is time for the first Wonderpod of 2014. First show of the year and we are all over the place. If you like our more schizophrenic episodes, the this weeks show is for you. We never plan them this way and trust me if we could we would. Give it a listen and tell […]

Wonderpod Episode 187

What sorcery is this? A four man Wonderpod two weeks in a row? That is right, we brought back a nice blast from the past for this episode. One that will be back on a semi regular basis in the coming year. It was a riot to record and hopefully a fun show to listen […]

Wonderpod Episode 167

Time for another installment of Wonderpod. We ended up down a man for this episode. So we went with more of a “chat” format. I am pretty sure it was an awesome chat, but not really sure it was a format. I think the banner above says it all really.

Wonderpod Episode 142

Wonderpod is back for 2013 you beautiful bastards. This weeks show will fall under the category of getting back in step again. In other words an entire show of what we’ve been playing with some discussions thrown in. Next week will be different of that much you can be sure.

Wonderpod Episode 119

What do you get when two tired guys and Batman record a podcast? You get this weeks episode of Wonderpod. Jon had to work a lot this week I was hungover and Glasenator was really excited. We still banged out a show that pertains to video games. We also might of droned on a time […]

Steam Summer Sale Plan Leaked

When Steam has a sale my wallet is usually begging for mercy fifteen minutes after it starts. So when rumors began to crop up of a summer sale, I prepared my wallet with daily flogging. First it was just rumored, a whisper here and there. Then I heard the date July 12th being thrown around […]

Ignoring The Industry Vs. Believing The Hype

An epiphany struck me just a moment ago. I haven’t had an X Box 360 for over a year now. I really want to get another one, as there are many 360 games still on my shelf and many others that have come out in my absence I want to play, but I also realized […]