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Wonderpod Episode 289

Wonderpod is a duo show. Glasenator is off on an adventure. He is looking for a HR department that isn’t a bunch of lying bastards. Lots of repeat topics this week. We know repeats can get old. The same topics are the talk of Internet town lately. So they are hard to avoid. Enjoy the […]

Wonderpod Episode 281

This week on Wonderpod. Poor Glasenator was out with a bad case of the flu. A hazard of the winter season. This means it’s another daring duo episode. Enjoy the show and have a great weekend people!

Wonderpod Episode 232

This week on Wonderpod! Glasenator is at the helm for another exciting episode. We talk a lot about a company known is some circles as the big N. Man does that companies habit bring out the ranting this time around. Next week Jon is in the host position. Enjoy the show!