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PUCK YOU! Free Agent FrenzyPUCK YOU! Free Agent FrenzyPUCK YOU! Free Agent Frenzy

Happy Canada Day! G of Wonderpod Online here… breaking down the Free Agent Frenzy deal of the day. While everyone is awaiting the fate of one Zach Parise, and the subsequent power play of Martin Brodeur, or even pancake eating champion Dustin Penner (oh wait, he resigned for one year with Stanley Cup champions, The […]

Impact Wrestling: 06/16/11

After a break from the Thursday product, I’m back to review another episode of Impact Wrestling. I won’t lie to you, I’m a wee bit tired having stayed up late watching a bunch of idiots in Vancouver riot after the Boston Bruins won game 7 to capture the Stanley Cup. As a hockey fan, and […]

Snoring Spur Cup

I am now quite aware that my dog snores and loudly. I have had dogs that snore before, but I may need to take this one to an ear, nose and throat Veterinarian. The reason I know this and now share this fact with you is I am writing at night. I have found I […]