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Smackdown 06/22/12Smackdown 06/22/12Smackdown 06/22/12

Let’s hip-hop to it, shall we? Word? Making the “hop to it” phrase about as appropriate as possible this week, right Harley Quinn?

DC reboots entire universe-Pintnoir rants

Being a lifer in the field of comics, is similar to any connoisseur of any particular hobby. Whether its video games or even Soap Operas when something familiar is changed it sets about moaning and complaining for all the fans involved. DC just announced (yesterday) that its rebooting its entire universe in September with Geoff […]

Pintnoir’s Free Comic Day Experience

Comics. For some of us it was our first reading experience, laying on the bed and cracking open the newest adventure of Spider-man, Batman or Spawn. I was one of those kids, I normally contribute writings to movie/television reviews and being apart of the dreaded Internet Wrestling Community, but my one true love is comics. […]

Discount Bin Reviews: Jennifer’s Body (DVD)

As it turns out with a great number of my reviews, I end up reviewing movies, games, etc that I have personally picked out, purchased or rented. And as a habit I usually choose to spend my money on things I’m fairly certain I will like. Sort of like when I choose food from a […]

Will Nintendo announce next console at E3?

The internet is abuzz with stories about Nintendo announcing a new console, call it the Wii 2 if you want, just a few months away at this years E3.  Big name Video game blogs and websites are posting about this and Game Informer has all but called it a fact, stating some ” very good […]

Licking Light Bulbs

Spring may finally be here, which is awesome. Then I remember all the work that needs to be done with the coming of spring. Less awesome, but necessary if your work in the business I do. What it means for you fine readers, is I may not be able to do this morning post as […]