Smurfs (re-runs)

So back on the old Morphine Nation forums, I did what I thought would be a one off take on “new” episodes of the Smurfs.  I used crappy screen shots of the Smurf’s animated show and then added my own warped text. The original two made  Jim laugh which has always been a proud moment for me.  I could of left it at that, but I am not that smart. So I did several more, according to my archives there are four episodes plus two kind of special events.  My plan is to post those  every so often until I run out. When that happens, I will either call it good or do more, depending on the feed back I receive.  Today I give you the original two, along with the text which still exist on the interwebs.

Hello there I Origim am here to show you a sneak peak at the “new smurfs” episodes. Myself along with fly by night industries and This guy will screw with anything productions worked long and hard to produce more episodes of everyones favorite childrens show.

Lets start by introducing some of the new characters shall we.


Next lets give you some screen shots of future episodes. This first one is entitled Why does god hate me so?

This next one is entitled Smurf Games 07

Finally we have a frame from the final show which is called How many things can go wrong at once You know it’s going to be a grade A cluster fuck if I have anything to say about.


Okay so that was the first one that appeared on the old Morphine Nation forums. Which still exist here. A few days later I produced this one.

Back by overwhelming demand (well ok just Feather) I am backing attempting as only I can to lower the total forum IQ by twenty points. In other words more fucking smurfs.

The Smurfs Learn About STD’s

Who Knew

Gargamel Gone Wild

There you go good people at Wonderpod-Online. I can be quite the twisted little bastard.  my hope is that dredging these up from vault will produce a chuckle or two. I will accept vomiting as a substitute.  I will post the other episodes and stuff at some point in the not so distant future.

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3 Responses to “Smurfs (re-runs)”

  1. PatMan says:

    Smurfs for the win.

    I think a Smurfs VS Doozers comic would be funny.

    i always loved those little construction obsessed doozers.

    • Bruce McGee says:

      Oh shit I forgot about that little gem. Maybe I will give that a run when I run of stuff .

  2. G says:

    Old school. The thing that made these what they were, was how far off the actual Smurfs normality. These Smurfs are the anti-Smurf, if you will. They are full of hatred, evil, bigotry, and sheer wrongness!

    Doozers have armour. Smurfs have no shirts. Doozers have picks and shovels and various other tools that can be turned around like a good Dwarf…err… Doozer and throw down. Doozers for the win. Smurfs will bring the funny personalities, Doozers will bring the drone build/attack aspect with the tweener persona.

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