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Wonderpod Episode 177

This weeks Wonderpod is very special. Our very own Jon and Glasenator recorded, produced and directed this episode. I for one am very proud and happy to hear this episode. They did an amazing job and I think you all should give it a listen. Warning I did make a brief pre-recorded appearance.

Wonderpod Episode 175

Wonderpod is ready, willing and able. We got a good mix of topics and discussions this week. A well rounded show with all three casts members present and accounted for. Good thing, given the surprises and shocking revelations we plan to unleash before October. Spoilers: One of us is pregnant. It is possible I have […]

Wonderpod Episode 170

Wonderpod is brand spanking new. Two man show this week. Glasenator is currently being shipped back to Louisiana via fred ex. It is one of those shows were several themes run through each topic. Almost intertwined so to speak. If we remembered to poke air holes in the shipping container, it will be back to […]

Wonderpod Episode 164

This week on Wonderpod. We cover two general topics and neither of them are video games. The entire cast enjoyed a change of venue so to speak. I am sure the video game industry will suck us back in sooner or later. Until then its going to be a little bit of everything.

Wonderpod Episode 161

This week on Wonderpod. It is the week before E3. So we scrapped together some topics concerning the big event. It’s kind of a preview podcast, but not exactly. There is a lot of joking around and not many bold predictions or analysis. We do manage to give our thoughts on what we want to […]

Wonderpod Epsiode 155

We are back to a full house this week on Wonderpod. Topic wise we are literally all over the place. In other words there is a little something for everyone. Including a one time of year topic that strays far from our usual realm. Be interesting to see how this show goes over as it […]

Animal Crossing New Leaf (release date)

Looks like the latest animal crossing game has been given a launch date. The game called Animal Crossing New Leaf is for the 3DS and will release June 9th in North America and June 14th in Europe. Now all the animal crossing lovers can sqeee in unison. I am not allowed to like the game […]

Wonderpod Episode 132

This weeks Wonderpod was largely improv and ad-lib. Still about video games and all that fun stuff, but largely pulled out of a hat live on recording day. We hope you love it. This type of show is always the most fun for the crew. Special thanks to Glasenator for the photo shop magic. The […]