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Smackdown 08/09/13

Hopping Time!. Always. Let’s just skip the preamble. Get on this spaceship, mang, because we’re going to go get some takeout.

WrestleMania XXVIIWrestleMania XXVIIWrestleMania XXVII

Finally, the day is upon us. April 1, 2012. John Cena vs. The Rock in the main event of WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, Florida. But, how did we get to this monumental main event? We’ll set the DeLorean for April 3, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia, where The Rock was the guest host for WrestleMania XXVII. […]

COD Elite: Trailer/Walk Through

Okay so in the last 24 hours I watched a bunch of hilarious rumors, insults and accusations hurled around about this service. Basically this trailer will explain to you what the new COD Elite feature is going to be all about. Personally I have no opinion on this. In fact I need to finish posting […]

An Introduction

Well hey there, how’s it going? Have we not met before?  I assume not.  Well it’s nice, excuse me, awesome to meet you.  My name is Glasenator, sometimes Glaser or Daniel…but you can just keep it simple and call me Glasenator.  In case you’re wondering, I was the special guest on the most recent episode […]